Medical Mission Trips

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Hi all, 

I've always wanted to do a medical mission trip. Now currently working in a school setting, I have the flexibility and have the free time to do them during Winter break, Spring break, and Summer breaks).

Has anyone done a medical mission trip before?  If so what agency/company have you done them through? Qualifications? (LPN, RN, RN with a BSN? etc.) How was your experience?


Thanks in advance!



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Kind of not really answering your question, but just to say, I do admire your interest in relief nsg.

But from anything I've read (and it's been here on AN as my source), the sponsors or coordinators of Medical Missions are not really interested in taking on short term volunteers or staff. They look for longer-term commitments, which makes a lot of sense.

I'm picking at my dusty brain cobwebs here, so I could be wrong.

Maybe others here may know of something ....



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I did one through a local organization/church - we went to Zambia.  The organization/church was in the process of building a medical clinic in the community served - in the meantime, they sent a medical team in the Summer to provide care.  I was one of several RN's, few NP's, dentists, optometrists, EMT/firefighters and a couple of physicians along with lay people that went to help. 

The experience was interesting, learned alot, saw alot - stuff we just don't see here in the US much any more.  I value the experience and don't regret any of it but for me I don't think I would do something in another country again - I felt like our time, money and efforts there were almost wasted - while we did help a handful of people in the community there were hundreds more that I felt our care was basically just a temporary bandaid, the care they needed was way more than what we could provide.  I felt the money I spent to do this trip could better be served helping others in my own community.   

Good luck in your search.