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InSchool4eva20 has 14 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Instructor of Nursing and Med/surg nurse.

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  1. InSchool4eva20

    What is the reason you are choosing to go into nursing?

    That is very admirable! I think we all have some love and care in our heart that directs us to nursing, but sounds like you have so much to offer on a lot of levels!
  2. Thank you, I did contact the PCP and she blamed Covid. We did have my mothers hearing checked and found she also is hearing less than 50% in one ear and nothing in the other, but her brain is not translating what she is hearing. So we now have new he...
  3. InSchool4eva20

    What is the reason you are choosing to go into nursing?

    WOW! that is amazing! I remember my first class in an ASN program my class all raised their hands they became a nurse to deliver babies. I find that very funny now and none of them went that route. It's interesting to see what we all are drawn too, I...
  4. I worked as a public district nurse over five schools in one district. Pay was starting teachers salary, but great hours. So much social work, limited funds, and no nurses at any of the schools just lay people hired by me due to lack of funding. I wi...
  5. Is a certification for med/surg required where you work or necessary? How does the certification benefit you?
  6. We have nursing camps every year, do you see an increase in enrollment to nursing programs as result of the camps?
  7. Thinking of agency nursing and I have done this in the past, but working part time (very little) thinking of working more hours to keep up my skills. Do you think this would be harder or easier for nurses who are wanting more hours?
  8. I had to turn in a nurse who was my mentor, friend, and someone I had on a pedestal. She made my kids baby blankets, we would trade shifts and I caught her diverting morphine. Diverting from a patient who had acid burns on his face on hospice care in...
  9. InSchool4eva20

    Haunted Hospital??

    Years ago a Native American woman passed away and her uncle performed a right with smoke and an eagle feather (the hospital allowed this back then). This was like at 3 am in the morning and we were instructed to open all of the exit doors to the outs...
  10. I am medical DPOA for my mother and she has dementia. She see's several physician's and I even though her signed official DPOA form is uploaded and I carry it with us, front desk people don't pass on information or give me access to her information. ...
  11. InSchool4eva20

    Are FNP as good as DNP clinical wise?

    I have considered pursuing an FNP what are your opinions about the master's compared to the doctorate for treating patients and career advancement?
  12. I am a nurse and my family does not take precautions. I have kept my parents safe and now since they see the state has lifted precautions for businesses they no longer take any precautions. I'm talking close to 20 family members. I have four children...
  13. I feel the same, they are then peers and colleagues, but I have noticed other faculty posting inappropriate things.
  14. InSchool4eva20

    What is your view using PhDc after you pass comprehensive examinations?

    I played it safe and put doctoral candidate underneath my name and MSN, RN behind it for now. Other students have used PhDc, but some other professors say it means "almost" so should not be used, because a student could be at that status for a long t...
  15. InSchool4eva20

    Should the pandemic education be implemented in nursing curriculum?

    Yes I'm thinking BSN and ASN programs. It is covered but in a short chapter. I think it needs more attention especially due to the pandemic and to educate new nurses.