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InSchool4eva20 has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Instructor of Nursing and Med/surg nurse.

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  1. I worked as a public district nurse over five schools in one district. Pay was starting teachers salary, but great hours. So much social work, limited funds, and no nurses at any of the schools just lay people hired by me due to lack of funding. I will never forget my experiences and I have great respect and reverence for school nurses. Pet peeve "band-aid" nurses makes me angry!
  2. I had to turn in a nurse who was my mentor, friend, and someone I had on a pedestal. She made my kids baby blankets, we would trade shifts and I caught her diverting morphine. Diverting from a patient who had acid burns on his face on hospice care in hospital. This happened several years ago and after I turned her in I found out she had three other occurrences reported. This was back when we wore crocs at work and she had slipped on ice and broke her leg and became addicted. Throughout the years I have caught two more, one other was a PICC line nurse who gave the patient morphine and I caught him injecting himself at the patients bedside. This is so haunting and traumatic for everyone involved. It makes you suspicious of everyone overtime and each time I discovered it was by accident. What are your experiences with this?
  3. I am medical DPOA for my mother and she has dementia. She see's several physician's and I even though her signed official DPOA form is uploaded and I carry it with us, front desk people don't pass on information or give me access to her information. Luckily, most have the EMR charts I have access to, but I'm constantly floored at the lack of education for this form. My mother can't make decisions, but she will have a wonderful conversation with you she just doesn't retain it. Last general physician's visit the woman at the front desk told me if my mother didn't consent verbally in front of her I could not go in with her to see her physician due to precautions. My mother pleasantly confused said no and that she had to use the bathroom. When the nurse came to get her I held up my forms and she took them just to tell me later they were in the system already. Then didn't update me and I found out through the EMR they changed her medication and she had no clue. Does anyone have this experience?
  4. InSchool4eva20

    Are FNP as good as DNP clinical wise?

    I have considered pursuing an FNP what are your opinions about the master's compared to the doctorate for treating patients and career advancement?
  5. I am a nurse and my family does not take precautions. I have kept my parents safe and now since they see the state has lifted precautions for businesses they no longer take any precautions. I'm talking close to 20 family members. I have four children and I insist we do, but I can't get anyone to. I don't work directly with Covid patients but know there always is a possibility. Now they want a big bbq for fathers day.
  6. I would like to volunteer, but would like to work remotely? Is this possible and what kind of charities or services are out there?
  7. InSchool4eva20

    Reviews of University of Central Missouri, UCM

    I got my MSN the nurse educator route in 2011, it has been a while but I thought it was worth it! The reason I chose the program is it was online and as cheap as my ASN program. I also had got my RN-BSN from UCMO and it benefited me to stay for my MSN as they took a few credits to stay. Since I was the nurse educator route I did clinical at a health department and practicum at a university that was my choice. I'm sure things are updated now, but overall I would definitely go again.
  8. I am looking into nursing research and currently working on my own studies for my degree. I have noticed nurses making comments that research or even doctoral nursing opinions as not valid because they "haven't worked a floor in years". Is this a common opinion? I know this is not true, maybe for nurses closer to retirement, but certainly their experience would count for something?
  9. Would you add your professor or instructor as a friend on social media after you graduate and why? Is there a benefit?
  10. After I passed comps for my PhD, several colleagues of mine told me I should then put PhDc after my name until I graduate. I asked my professors and they said it was seen as derogatory. I thought how odd the difference of opinion. Is there an etiquette to using the abbreviation?
  11. Why choose nursing? Influence from a family member? You want to help people? Financial? What is drawing you to this field?
  12. Lots of discussion about this topic if we should integrate Covid-19 education into nursing curriculum. We already cover pandemics as part of a small chapter. Lots of push back on this. What are your thoughts? I think it is our responsibility to our students entering the nursing field.
  13. InSchool4eva20

    Not able to be with mother with dementia in hospital due to Covid

    I agree 100%. I would bet nursing homes will see a downturn in admissions. No way would I put my loved one in a nursing home if they were cut off. I think we will see the ramifications of this later. I'm keeping my parents at home and managing their care myself, but I'm looking into home health and other ways to care for them. My goal is to keep my mother out of the hospital if I can, it was a nightmare and at no fault of the health care professionals, they were awesome, but we definitely lacked communication about her care. Now I'm trying to get my father in law in for cognitive testing and most of the places are closed due to the virus and I was told to take him to the ED. I'm suspecting Alzheimer's. It is very frustrating and disheartening. I feel if as a nurse I'm having trouble with my family and healthcare systems, what are people who have no medical knowledge surviving?
  14. What are nursing programs doing in your state for virus protections for students, faculty, and staff?
  15. Are there any jobs or charities that work on elderly toe nails? Is this through a podiatrist or physician referral? This seems like such a needed service!
  16. InSchool4eva20

    Is it responsible of me to try to become a nurse?

    The above is very good advice! What I always look at is if you as the nurse is safe and is the patient safe. If you are doing every thing you can, taking your medications, going to therapy there are facilities that will work with you. You have an insight to your diagnosis that a lot of people don't have that could benefit others if and when you are ready. Your concern is very admirable! I have worked with nurses throughout the years with different diagnoses such as these and yes there were times they had to take off. I remember one incident where the nurse was manic, but we had an amazing nurse manager and the nurse came back after some time off.