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  1. Legacy Oregon RN New Grad Residency Fall 2022

    The last update I received was from July 17th saying I was moving forward but nothing since then
  2. HCA Hospital Savannah

    Hi. I'm moving to Savannah and I'm looking into RN jobs and the main hospital there is Memorial Health which is now part of HCA. I haven't heard the best things about HCA in general but I haven't heard anything specific about the Savannah hospital. I...
  3. Hi. I'm a new grad nurse and I just accepted a position in the NICU at OHSU Children's hospital. I just had some question I was wondering if anyone worked in the hospital could answer. What color scrubs do the nurses wear? What is working ...
  4. Wow I kinda wish where I work was that cautious. I work in LTC also but we only have to get tested once a week. Where I work they don't care if you have symptoms or are sick at all you have to come to work or you lose any overtime pay or incentive pa...
  5. I know exactly how you feel. About a month ago I worked with a nurse who doesn't care at all about Covid guidelines. She constantly posts pictures of large gatherings at her house with no one socially distancing or wearing a mask. The night I worked ...
  6. Stony Brook ABSN Class of 2022

    Did anyone send in an updated transcript to StonyBrook? If so, did you just email it to someone in admissions or did you mail it?
  7. Stony Brook ABSN Class of 2022

    I haven't heard anything yet and we're pretty getting close to January for there to be a second wave at this point. I'm pretty sure I didn't get accepted which is fine since I got accepted to a direct entry MSN program which was my top choice anyways...
  8. General Surgery Nurse Practitioner?

    Hi! I was recently reading a blog post from a woman who is a general surgery nurse practitioner. I had no idea that nurse practitioners could specialize in surgery and I was wondering if anyone knows what the process is to become a general surgery nu...
  9. Emory 2021 MSN programs

    Is the group for just MSN or the dual MN + MSN?
  10. Emory Master of Nursing (MN) 2021

    I have the same exact message. I'm assuming I got accepted to the specialty that I applied for.
  11. Hi! I just got accepted into a MSN program and I'm trying to figure out how to pay for expenses such as an apartment while in grad school. The nursing program I'll be attended says we're not allowed to work while in school so I don't know how to pay ...
  12. General Questions about CNM

    Hi! I'm thinking about entering a nurse midwife graduate program and I have some questions. First, are CNMs allowed to work in any state or only the state they go to school in? I'm worried that I may have trouble finding a job or a job that pays well...
  13. Emory Master of Nursing (MN) 2021

    Anyone know if we are getting an accepted students packet in the mail with information about admitted students day? I can't find anything online about it.
  14. Emory Master of Nursing (MN) 2021

    Thanks! That's awesome that we applied for the same track. I hope you get in!
  15. Emory Master of Nursing (MN) 2021

    I just got my acceptance! I was accepted to the dual degree program for the nurse-midwife track. I got an email from them saying that my status had changed. Went to the apply. nursing.Emory page and it said click here for application update and ...