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NurseGuy92 is a EMT-B and specializes in Emergency Department.

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  1. NurseGuy92

    ECPI & Texas Jobs??

    You all have been a plethora of knowledge and understanding for me. I really appreciate everyone's input. Now that I see how the conversation kind of formed into a different subject other than "Career" I apologize for that. But I can't thank you all enough for bringing these things to light for me. I wish I had been on here before choosing a school but I'm going to keep rolling with it (already over 1/2 way completed with ADN), cross my fingers and make adjustments as needed to achieve what I am after. EDIT: I would just like to add that I just got off the phone with an advisor from Walden University and they do not require any special accreditation, just that you have sat for the NCLEX-RN and passed. In case anyone is curious or other students happen to take a peek at this topic.
  2. My cousin screws with me sometimes haha but it's a family thing I guess. None of my friends do it, but truly doesn't matter unless someone is doing it to you in a malicious way. Nurse doesn't = female just because it's predominantly female. Males are popping up all over the place nowadays.
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    Tread carefully....it's definitely not all that they say it's going to be. Not even in the slightest bit.
  4. NurseGuy92

    ECPI & Texas Jobs??

    Okay, that definitely cleared up a lot. I was at work today talking to some of the nurses I work with and they were all either unsure or saying that it meant it was accredited haha. So I appreciate that greatly. So that's fairly frightening....I wish I had been a little more educated on this accreditation understanding before I proceeded with ECPI. I did some digging last night and it looks like their ADN is not accredited but the BSN is. The "continuing education" is what worries me a bit though, I had full intentions of completing the ADN here and then applying to Waldens RN->MSN program (or at the very least the RN->BSN) and finally achieving my educational goals as a nurse. Are you saying that it is potentially not possible of doing so due to the ADN program not being accredited.
  5. NurseGuy92

    ECPI & Texas Jobs??

    Maybe I don't quite understand the full extent of "accreditation" then. I thought there were like multiple different kinds, some people liked some, some preferred others. However, now that I am thinking about it, if I am currently only completing my ADN, in order to sit for the NCLEX-RN doesn't it have to be accredited? Therefore....I am okay, wherever I would go (I think?).
  6. NurseGuy92

    ECPI & Texas Jobs??

    Hmm, I guess I must not fully understand the NLC then. I was under the impression that as long as that state was an NLC state, then you could go to any other NLC state with no restrictions or extra paperwork. Unless, I am correct in that understanding and the suggestion is merely for the fact that the hospitals I have currently seen specifically asked for a Texas licensure? Thank you for the reply and information by the way!
  7. NurseGuy92

    ECPI & Texas Jobs??

    Please correct me if this is in the wrong area. I just had a question regarding my school, accreditation, and landing a job in another state. I am nearly finished with my ADN from ECPI and am planning to move to Texas afterward. I have been reading up a little bit, looking at hospitals and I noticed some don't specifically state that they accept the compact, some specifically say that they want a Texas RN license, some state that they want you to come from an accredited school. From my understanding once you had your RN, you have your RN and that's that regardless of the schools accreditation. Also thought that any state with a compact agreement basically had to accept you as an equal no matter which compact state you come from? I have full intentions of actually obtaining my FNP online with Walden University as they have an RN -> MSN program that allows you to do so while working etc. So my plan was to move to Texas once I finished up my ADN and took my NCLEX and then continue on from there. Could someone possibly point me in the correct direction? I just don't understand it, no matter how much I read I feel like I am always finding conflicting information or just not getting a clear answer.