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5/2020 ADN Graduate - LF Recruiter

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NurseGuy92 is a EMT-B and specializes in Emergency Department.

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Hey everyone, I believe I am posting in the correct section, if not please just let me know! I am currently enrolled in an ADN program at ECPI/MCI and graduate May 2020. I plan on moving to the Fort Worth, TX area as soon as I can after graduation but before doing so I wanted to get my ducks in a row, locate hospitals that will accept ADN (while I obtain my BSN in the meantime). Ideally I would like to work where I want to work but being a new grad and having my ADN, I do not mind doing what is necessary to make ends meet while I finish my BSN. I also don't mind traveling. The only experience I do bring to the table is 4 years on an ambulance (911, not transport) and 3 years as an ER Tech in a Level 2 trauma center, 50 bed ER.


I don't have any knowledge or experience with applying for a job or at least searching and getting in touch with recruiters for something that is out of state. Are there any "Go-To" recruiter websites, do you just contact the hospitals you wish to apply with and send in your resume and explain your education situation (Current student due to graduate in May 2020)?

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