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Looking for some guidance

Specializes in Critical Care.

Just some general questions about Nurse Practitioner I suppose. I just completed my ADN and I have a couple options here. My long-term goal is to continue education and obtain my NP license and practice.

What I think I would like to do is continue to work in a hospital in a critical care setting OR even work in a doctors office as a PCP. I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed because I am not sure what route to take to get to that point nor which speciality to go AGAC NP or FNP.

I was looking at Walden University and they offer an ADN -> MSN program which seems nice but at the same time I wonder to myself if that's even a good idea because, lets face it, I don't have any nursing experience just what I have learned in the ED the past 2 years and now JUST beginning nursing. The other option is to just get my BSN first and then decide how I want to do things.

I have heard of places not hiring NPs that got their credentials from an online college but I have only heard great things about Walden and the hospitals around my area at least, don't mind but, I will be moving. That being said, is it pretty common for hospitals to really turn NPs away for not going to a brick & mortar school?

I hope I didn't ask too much and I hope I wasn't too all over the place, I am just trying to get my bearings straight and start moving in the right direction for my future education.

Thank you in advance!!


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