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  1. Ariana30

    Tourist Visa and NCLEX-RN

    Hello guys, is it possible to take the NcLEX-RN in Florida under tourist visa?
  2. Ariana30

    New job,5 weeks pregnant

    I just found out that I'm 5 weeks pregnant after I got hired from a job in skilled nursing facility as LVN. I was asked by the DON if I'm ready for the orientation next week but I'm in doubt if I'll go or not. I haven't worked in skilled nursing facilities and I'm not sure about the workload or if that will include lifting sometimes. Please share your ideas and experiences. Thanks
  3. Ariana30

    LVN no experience

    I'm not an RN here in California..I sure will if I am.
  4. Ariana30

    LVN no experience

    Hello, I just wanted to vent my frustrations and I'm hoping that someone will share their experience as well. I graduated year 2010 and I have my license in the Philippines as an RN but I'm now in CA. I moved here 2 years ago. To make the story short, I never worked as an RN since I got my license and I just got my LVN license here in CA and I feel like it's hard to get a job specially if you don't have any experience. I applied like 2 places and was told that they'll only provide 3-4 days training and I don't think it's enough since I don't have any experience. Is anyone here with the same situation? How did you guys start?Were you able to get a place with enough training? Thank you.
  5. Ariana30

    find out if u passed on breeze! CA

    I passed the exam. PVT works for me for NCLEX-PN.
  6. Ariana30

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Hi,yes I tried. I noticed that there's some changes with the license fee since Jan 2019 from $150-220 but haven't heard anyone paying this amount.
  7. Ariana30

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Hi guys, I just took my exam 3 days ago and I got a good pop up in pvt. Now I tried breeze and asking me to pay $220 for initial license application fee. Is it really $220 or $150 only? Thanks
  8. Ariana30

    NCLEX RN california March 2019?

    How much is the initial license fee if you passed here in California? Is it $150 or $200?
  9. Ariana30

    find out if u passed on breeze! CA

    Thank you. I'm just too anxious and in doubt if pvt works because it's been more than 48hrs now and quick results isn't available yet. Anyways, I'm in CA so no wonder.
  10. Ariana30

    find out if u passed on breeze! CA

    Hi, I took my exam 2 days ago, I got a good pop up but when I opened my breeze accout, I saw the Vocational Nurse Initial application for Licensure under activities on the 3rd option. But when I click it, I need to pay $220. What does it mean?Any experience?Now I'm in doubt if pvt is still working.