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healthxo33 is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. healthxo33

    PRN and Unit Based Committees

    I am currently a full-time RN, but I am planning on obtaining a second PRN job. Does anyone know if I would be able to participate in unit based nursing committees if I become a PRN nurse at a separate hospital? My unit does not really offer anything for us and I am drawn to another hospital that has a high level of engaged RN's who participate in leadership committees.
  2. healthxo33

    Neonatal Nurse Practicioner or FNP

    Hey everyone. I am currently a NICU nurse and I am interested in becoming a future neonatal nurse practitioner. I'm curious in learning what other people's leadership experiences were before applying to NNP school or for family nurse practitioner school. Is it competitive to get accepted? I know that everyone has RN experience before applying, but what types of things were you involved in that set you apart from other applicants?
  3. healthxo33

    Neonatal Nurse Practicioner School

    I am interested in becoming a future neonatal nurse practitioner. What types of experiences did you have before applying to NNP school? I know that it is competitive and that they are looking for additional experiences. Everyone applying already works as a NICU nurse so there is really nothing special about this since this is a requirement in order to be a NNP. This is what I am worried about because I am looking for ways to make myself stand out. I am also wanting to get a second PRN, as needed, position in another NICU at a separate hospital. When do you think it would be best for me to get a second job? I am a new graduate NICU nurse and was planning on possibly getting a PRN position after a year.
  4. I am a new graduate neonatal intensive care unit nurse. I am having trouble figuring out how I can tell if a bradycardia or a desaturation on the cardiorespiratory monitor is real or not. I tried searching things on Google and trying to find pictures online to show me the difference but I have not been successful. Can somebody please explain to me how I can tell if a bradycardia and desaturation are real? I believe there’s a way to go back into the monitor to view the lowest point of the bradycardia and desaturation. How do the respirations look when there is a bradycardia or a desaturation? Do the respirations always have to drop or be shallow for a brady or desaturation to occur? I’m having trouble with looking at the monitor and figuring out where the brady or desat occured when I look at the wave forms.
  5. healthxo33

    VCU Health System Parking

    Hello, I was recently offered a new grad nurse position at VCU Health System. Does anyone know if there is a place where I can park further from the hospital for free? I currently work at the hospital as a care partner and pay parking, which is really expensive.
  6. healthxo33

    Medstar Washington Hospital Center Nurse Residency 2021

    I also don't want to directly ask the recruiter because this would imply that I am not interested in the position offered. I am worried that this would jeopardize the job offer.
  7. healthxo33

    Medstar Washington Hospital Center Nurse Residency 2021

    Hey everyone! I have a quick question. If I was offered a position at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, would I still be able to go on an interview for another Medstar Hospital location in Washington, D.C.? Both Medstar hospitals are located in Washington, D.C. However, I know that if you accept a job offer, it may disqualify you from going on additional interviews within the same facility.
  8. healthxo33

    Placenta Venous and Arterial Blood

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get your expertise on how arterial and venous blood is drawn from a placenta after a delivery. I am confused about where to draw blood from based on me needing to draw arterial or venous blood. 1. To get arterial blood, do you take it from the vein or artery of the placenta or cord? 2. To get a venous blood sample, do you get this from the placenta or the cord? And do you use the vein or artery?
  9. healthxo33

    Telemetry or Oncology Unit

    Has anyone ever worked on a telemetry or oncology unit? I applied for patient care technician jobs and I am not sure which unit would be better. I feel like telemetry might be too fast paced for me and I will not be able to practice my skills as a current nursing student. Any insight is appreciated! Also do you think phlebotomy or training as a monitor technician is more valuable/useful?
  10. healthxo33

    Telemetry Unit

    I was offered a position to work as a patient care technician on a telemetry unit. I was told I would be cross trained as a monitor technician. I also was offered a position on an oncology unit and would be able to learn phlebotomy. During one of the interviews, the interviewer told me that once you go into critical care it's harder to work on units that are less critical, such as oncology. Can you explain what she meant by this? My problem is that I am not sure which offer I should accept. I am a sophomore level nursing student currently and feel like the telemetry unit might be too fast faced for me to practice my skills. I personally like a unit where I am not sitting and always busy. However, as a monitor technician I would not want to be sitting and staring at a screen during my shifts. If you can please share your experiences with working on a critical care unit and what it is like, I would appreciate it!
  11. healthxo33

    No pediatric course or clinical rotation

    When you go to the student portal, click academics then 'your class schedule.' Then click the current semester and when you click each class, it tells you the book title, edition, publication date, and ISBN at the bottom. For a lot of them, the publication date does not match the edition/there is no textbook available online for the publication date the college wants. So for example, one of my textbooks asks for a 2014 publication date for a textbook. I can find the textbook, but the publication date online is for 2018 or 2017. It will be too late for me to order the books on time if I wait until the first day of class to receive the book list.
  12. healthxo33

    No pediatric course or clinical rotation

    Thank you! I have also decided to attend this school, but I am having trouble finding the correct textbooks that match the publication date the school wants. Did you have this problem as well? I do not see a 2014 publication date for a textbook, for example, but see other textbooks available with a 2018 publication date.
  13. healthxo33

    Marymount or Bon Secours Nursing

    Hello! I am interested in knowing what the course load and clinicals are like. Also would you recommend any places in terms of apartment hunting?
  14. healthxo33

    No pediatric course or clinical rotation

    Thank you for double checking for me! I did not know that nursing courses could be split like that! I must have overlooked the pediatric part when I was reading the course description of the Nursing Care of Families class a few days ago. You are right about it most likely being split between the maternity nursing and pediatrics. This was from their website: NUR 4118 Nursing Care of Families (4 credits: didactic) This course introduces the concept of family centered nursing care to promote positive outcomes for culturally diverse families. Emphasis is placed on the healthcare needs of the family from pregnancy and the birth process through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. This course promotes the holistic care of the family unit and aligns with the Nursing Care of Families Practicum (NUR 4118P). NUR 4118P Nursing Care of Families Practicum (3 credits: practicum) This course allows students to apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the holistic care of families. Emphasis is placed on the healthcare needs of the family from pregnancy and the birth process through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Students will have the opportunity to provide nursing care to families in primary, secondary, and tertiary settings. This practicum aligns with Nursing Care of Families (NUR 4118). Graded as Pass/Fail.
  15. healthxo33

    No pediatric course or clinical rotation

    The school is Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing. It is accredited by CNNE and it has an NCLEX pass rate of 100%. I just don't understand how it does not offer a pediatrics clinical or course, but yet has a 100% pass rate. Is pediatric material on the NCLEX?
  16. healthxo33

    Marymount University ABSN Spring 2018

    I was accepted to Marymounts ABSN for Spring 2019 as well! Does anyone know if we have to obtain a copy of our medical record and provide it to Marymount? I believe this is one of their requirements, but I wasn't sure if it was referring to a physical exam instead. It says a copy of our medical examination record is needed. Also does anyone know what class scheduling is like for the summer sessions?