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Hello everyone! I am considering going back to school to become a CRNA. I do know that most schools prefer adult ICU experience prior to applying. Does anyone know if PICU experience would be good enough and wha types of skills/machine equipment would I need to know prior to applying?


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1-2 years of PICU experience is enough for most schools, but some schools do not accept PICU at all, and very few accept NICU but they do exist. all-CRNA-schools.com has resources I've used throughout the application process that have helped me alot.


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Having been a PICU RN, a Trauma/emergency RN I can say that by an order of magnitude, my PICU experience (tertiary peds cardiac/transplant/general surgical-medical PICU) was a far greater asset to my training in anesthesia than most of my adult ICU peers. The fact is that a meaningful peds ICU 3 or 4 years can be at least as valuable as the same amount of time in an adult ICU. All the basic CC principles are there with the added advantage of taking care of every size patient there is. Schools are very ignorant to reduce PICU experience as less than...

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