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Hey there! I'm interested in going back to CRNA school in the future. I am currently a nicu and PICU nurse. I'm wondering if there are any volunteer opportunities that helped you get into school. Of course, there are many other things that are important, such as shadowing. 

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Hi there! Great question, and congrats on starting your path to CRNA, it's a great career! 

Most programs don't have a particular preference for what type of volunteer experience you have, they just like to see the community involvement (many people think it "has" to be related to their unit or the medical field, and it doesn't). 

Shadowing is also a great place to not only start meeting program requirements, but to really build that fire of desire for this career! 

We have a free shadowing experience documentation form that will help you with future CRNA school applications:

Also, grab our 8 Steps to CRNA planning guide if you'd like. You may have already completed some steps but it will give you a nice outline for the next best steps!

Cheering you on! You got this! 

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