Washington DC Endorsement RN License

by healthxo33 healthxo33, BSN, RN Member

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Hey everyone. I applied for a Washington D.C. endorsement license. I submitted my application two weeks ago online. However, for the education section, it asked me to enter all universities I attended and then send my official transcripts to them. Do they need all transcripts even if they are not nursing related? I graduated from a business school before I graduated from RN school. I sent both transcripts to them. I just don't understand why they would need my business school transcript.

I also took some classes at a community college and attended another university. I did not graduate from these colleges and left. I just took classes at them. On the online application, it asked me to enter all colleges attended and would not allow me to advance to the next page until I entered a graduation date. Because I did not graduate from the community college and the other university, I did not list them on my application or send in my transcript. I have called and emailed two weeks ago, but no one knows the answer or I have not heard a response.

In case my Washington DC license does not become active when I start my new job in June, how do I get a temporary license so I can start work? I saw on the application there was a supervised practice portion for a temporary license. I had to enter my new manager's name, but was not able to unless I completed my fingerprint background check. I would not be able to sign up for the CBC until after I submitted my application because once you submit the application then it sends you an email to sign up for the fingerprints.