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  1. two most common one is infiltrations/phlebitis phlebitis - itis - redness. patient will complain of soreness at the site, it'll be red and warm and hurt if you try to flush it. best to take it out before it gets worse as ivs are a potential source of infection. infiltration - a keen eye to ivs is if the skin starts to get "tight" and cool to touch. infiltrations are now graded ( atleast where I am) as incident reports/sentinel events on a I-IV scale. Infiltrations can be minor, or huge, with pitting edema. Sometimes infiltrations need hot or cool compresses depending on the component in the IV. interstitial, im dumb I never heard of this, or forgot about it from nursing schol.
  2. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Working on a Covid unit- should I see family?

    When I worked on the units, I would make time to wash my hand at regular intervals thoroughly. I would make time to regularly dis-infect my medication cart over and over in the case of accidental cross-contamination. Hopefully, it's better for you; we ran out of sanitation wipes, regular hand-sanitizer and gowns. everyone had to use their disposable gowns for days. it was rough.
  3. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Working on a Covid unit- should I see family?

    Absolutely. I worked on the pandemic when it hit my state bad. I self-isolated, kept 6 feet apart and wore a mask covering around them. Separated my eating utensils from the group and kept my toothbrush somewhere else. The PPE we wore at my hospital was booties, a Tyvek suit, an N95, mask, goggles and a hair covering. I'd put on a surgical gown (cloth, you know the ones from PACU) for extra protection. double glove, take off my dirty gown after sanitizing it, and then taking off the first pair, hand sanitizing the gloves and then sanitizing my Tyvek before taking off the gloves to wash my hands. When I left the unit, I'd disinfect my Tyvek suit, take virex and scrub the bottoms of my shoes thoroughly with bleach. leave virex on my stethoscope for 5 minutes and other things. and then wash my hands for 20 minutes. When I get home I scrub myself down and self-quarantine as much as possible. I was one of the few people, SO FAR, in the entire hospital, to not get +covid.
  4. 2018nurseandbeyond

    More issues

    How would you feel if your unit manager tells other co-workers that you are doing things wrong so they tell YOU when you come up to said unit manager multiple times to ask how one is doing, but they continue to say your performance is fine? I feel like I am being borderline bullied: So far I've been told at work a lot of falsehoods: 1. Specific charting that is only supposed to be during days and evening shifts to finish up for nights, that if I did, would be fraud. 2. Told to sign off on receiving medications I did not receive and therefore reconcile because nights are the "easiest shift" ( I just write if the medication has been on unit from the rec-form or if we have the card, and no long sign it as my unit manager requests me to do as it would be fraud). 3. Told to put in consults from other MD as orders without the authorizing primary care provider's consent, being told it is "fine". 4. Have my nightly audits thrown out, things I am required to do for my workplace suddenly disappear. 5. Hear rumors that my unit manager told other workers I've "written them up" for things I had no idea about or even spoke about at all. 6. Told false protocols and things about our unit. Such as our private rooms can house TB patients ( false). 7. Scolded for not "picking up after myself" when day shift leaves pizza boxes and don't clean up after themselves. I don't feel obligated to clean up after other people's messes in the break room. I don't know how to feel. I feel so frustrated. I've brought this up to my supervisor, albiet in the heat of moment. She thinks I am just in a personality conflict with the unit manager
  5. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Rant: Feeling like the worst nurse ever

    thank you again for your support everyone, im rereading the comments because again today SUCKED. i came in feeling strong but left like a sad, sad pitiful pup. god. got yelled at for leaving a psych consult not filed, i was working on auditing 5 new admissions on my unit, weights, ambulation, did the glucometer restarts, i didnt get the chance to file everything. i came up to the nurse and nicely asked if the place is still dirty, she yelled at me NO! i asked her, " what is it you would like to be changed about this place so I can work on it?" and she explained it to me and i felt so frustrated i guess no one sees the work you actually put in... just all your mistakes :(. just gotta keep doing better. morning report was brutal i feel like i got ganged up for being a fresh piece of meat.
  6. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Rant: Feeling like the worst nurse ever

    thank you guys i cant believe the amount of support i feel from this... its been paralyzing me for my weekend off!! ive been so stressed that im "weird," "paranoid" "anxious" and "lazy"...means so much
  7. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Rant: Feeling like the worst nurse ever

    Worst day ever, I felt like I was getting into it with all my staff members. CNAs getting upset with me when I delegated to them. Following advice to -tell- not -ask- with patient concerns ... I mean I'm misses-unfair etc etc. Especially with their scope of practice and facility protocol... I feel like my new full-time co-worker doesn't think I am competent and whenever I do hands on assessment, or nursing based skill with her everything falls out my head and I feel -extra- incompetent when she criticizes me for sloppy work or doing things differently? Today was especially bad, had 2 rapids where I was assessing and I felt... Just bad. Sloppy. No one liked me. I was a ***, and I was incompetent. 4 more months until I hit my year of nursing... I'm just burnt out and crabby over my co-worker politic drama and pt. Complaints as a charge nurse... Wanna go part-time but life isn't doing it... Or new job 😞
  8. About a week ago, a patient NEARLY fell after the aide who was supposed to watch them walked off the unit without letting me or the other nurse know. I only realized they were about to fall when I was standing at the nurse's station and saw them half-way out their chair wheeling theirself to us. I was angry. This aide had been giving me a lot of trouble. Not answering call bells on the high-side, not listening to me when answering the bells. Being generally rude, rolling eyes, scoffing, ignoring me whenever possible. My supervisor was aware, I gave verbal warnings with my sup for the aide to realize they needed to stop. After they walked off the floor I decided it was finally time to write them up. They walked off the floor. Technically it isn't "my patient", but I am the charge nurse for 40 patients. So if the patient fell I would have to do assessment and the documentation surrounding that ( which is a whole lot). So they got written up with the support from my main, full-time supervisor and the unit manager backing me. The other nurse refused to write a statement and so did the other aide. They told me later it was " none of my business to write that aide up"; and " this isn't my patient, so it's not my problem." I was appalled and shocked. In the past, the aide who I wrote up was always so talked about poorly, by another entire unit and of other nurses. But I wrote them up because I was disgusted by the negligence that the aide portrayed. The other workers covered her, saying I was making it up and the other nurse refused to write a statement supporting my statement. Same with the other aide, who, ALWAYS complains about the aide who neglected the patient. Telling me, " Stay in my own business, and just let that man fall." I'm venting and angry because now I feel like I am being mobbed by that aide's "clique". I don't like being accused of being a ***-stirrer but it comes with the territory of being only here for 7 months--but I *CARE* about my patient. I do... and for this to be said to me after all of this stress... no support... just me being accused of "jumping the gun"... is... angering and insulting.
  9. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Supervisor and aide against me? I had to write statements

    @JKL04 thank you
  10. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Supervisor and aide against me? I had to write statements

    @jkl33 I am friends with the aide who needed to come back on break. I said, " Oh you seem upset by this let me text her so you can take your full break." It was an innocent statement. The aide is known to be mentally not right but everytime I tried to speak my side of the story to my sup the aide would come up and scream saying I am a liar and how they swore on their dead relatives I was doing everything to conspire against them. The supervisor said NO I wanna hear your side here RIGHT NOW, HERE--when I tried to pull her aside to speak to her in a quiet manner. While the orther aide was losing it and kept interrupting me. Then the sup said YOU ARE THE ***-STIRRER.
  11. Charge Nurse, brand new and 20's. I've been breaking up assignments with one aide rotating with a higher amount of patients and it goes through in that way. So one day Aide 1 gets more and the other gets one less patient, and another day Aide 2 does. We've had drama on our floor that the aides weren't happy with so a lot of this is to create fairness. Which I was really proud of. I've been doing the culture of care requests which entail us doing group huddle ( nurses werent doing that for their aides prior to me accepting the job). I've been struggling with a few aides. This one aide flipped out on me last night where I feel at a lost because the Sup (per diem) sided with the aide. The aide was saying the second aide hasn't returned from her break so I said, " Oh let me text them, I want you to have your full break." The aide misconstrued that as me picking/favoring sides. She kept saying " This is why I don't work with her because you know how I feel about her. You guys know how I feel about her." I was quiet. She kept screaming that I was this and that and eventually the other aide started to fight her to defend me. I tried to break it up but the supervisor felt like I was at fault because I texted the aide to come back from break so the other aide ( accusing me) could take her full break for relief. " YOU are the ***-stirrer for this. You ARE playing favorite with aides." So basically. My name has been tarnished ( by this aide who says I am playing favorites). and basically. well. I asked my nursing educator to move me to the day shift because now I lack support.
  12. 2018nurseandbeyond

    feeling bad after a rapid response on your patient

    @sourlemon let me clarify. 15-30 minutes later i got called and then i walked in
  13. 2018nurseandbeyond

    New Nurse Tips for Struggling Nurse

    i am in the same boat as you. 3 months is still hard. i am 6 months in and feel like a mess. hopefully it will come with time.
  14. 2018nurseandbeyond

    feeling bad after a rapid response on your patient

    talked to pt. after giving a tx. they were alert but very confused from a UTI. walked out to chart on it. getting all the carts and desk ready for the next shift, get called by my nursing aide that i need to see the pt. i walked into say about ~15-30 minutes later? Pt. is heavily breathing but unresponsive. no response to a substernal rub with no response. couldn't get vitals except for a pulse ox of >90 while on o2 therapy. Supervisor in and a code was called. I did chest compressions, suctioning, etc. I felt shaken, horrible. I mentioned to my co-workers that I've been having this intense feeling of dread and a dream of a pt. going to a code similar to this---now I feel like everyone thinks I'm insane. I was freaking out hard after the CPR and chest compressions and my mind was ready to think and panic so I felt very hjfskhdfklhskdhfj all over the place. thank god my shift was over. I'm an insecure nurse so do you think that I sound incompetent...? Or mentally unfit for the job. I feel horrible if I looked/sounded like a nutjob. I had this horrible feeling for the past few days of 'something will go wrong' and it happened!
  15. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Pay for a new grad nurse working LTC?

    I've been searching through glassdoor and this website. I work in NY. Anyone know new grad pay for nursing home/LTC as PART-TIME? I put 36-38/hour during application but I only googled that, realistically, what should I expect? Takehome and annually?
  16. 2018nurseandbeyond

    New Graduate Nurse getting job at nursing home? Big mistake or?

    Thank you. I have an interview set up for next week with my manager. Do you have any tips for me? Any mindsets? I'm pretty inexperienced as a whole. I worked in highschool but I didn't work for pre-med or nursing school so I feel like really out of my element. I believe I have a personable attitude, but I worry the workload is intensely crazy? I am 23.