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  1. The nurses who hired me told me the worst thing they have is retention at my work place. I can sort of see why. RN's get thrown under the bus easily. I get ignored by the bad CNAs who I ask to help me answer dozens of call bells while the good ones rip me a new one of me not doing enough. Patients are unstable, and I get chewed up by a few bullies by the morning shift report. I initially loved working there, but the workplace drama and random throw-ins from other managers telling me to do things that aren't in policy is really making me want to leave. I love my night supervisor and a few of my night co-workers, but being new and in charge of so much pt's where they can go downhill so fast has stresses me out so much! Initially I said I could work here for a year but I really want to transfer into their hospital. Everyone I work in says there's no requirement for staying a year with them. By the end of this month I will have worked 6 months. I want to move into a lighter patient load. being 25 sometimes 40 has burnt me out so much because I feel like I can't even take care of my patients.
  2. 2018nurseandbeyond

    Nursing progress notes cheat sheet

    These are some notes my peers and I tend to write on some brief examples to give you some examples: ABT therapy: Pt. on ABT tolerating therapy [insert name/dosage/route] with no adverse reactions noted. [temperature and other vitals that you may think is pertinent]. Lung sounds auscultated with findings, skin temperature ( is the patient flushed?) findings. If on IV: additionally, IV line patent, no s/s of phlebitis and infiltration. -- Other notes: ( refusal of care) Pt. found to self remove [apparatus] ( such as sling or abductor pillow, very major points of care). Education on [apparatus] ( specifically what you may have explained). Patient states understanding, " jfhsdkfhsjkf" but continues to non-adhere to precautions. Reapproached and stressed importance, patient continues to refuse. [ Other interventions you may have to do to maintain patient safety.] MD called/made aware. Will continue to monitor ( any vitals or pulses that may be pertinent). Documenting IV and refusal of care has saved my butt many times ( not a lot of phonecalls!) and I hope this helped.
  3. 2018nurseandbeyond

    feeling bad after a rapid response on your patient

    talked to pt. after giving a tx. they were alert but very confused from a UTI. walked out to chart on it. getting all the carts and desk ready for the next shift, get called by my nursing aide that i need to see the pt. i walked into say about ~15-30 minutes later? Pt. is heavily breathing but unresponsive. no response to a substernal rub with no response. couldn't get vitals except for a pulse ox of >90 while on o2 therapy. Supervisor in and a code was called. I did chest compressions, suctioning, etc. I felt shaken, horrible. I mentioned to my co-workers that I've been having this intense feeling of dread and a dream of a pt. going to a code similar to this---now I feel like everyone thinks I'm insane. I was freaking out hard after the CPR and chest compressions and my mind was ready to think and panic so I felt very hjfskhdfklhskdhfj all over the place. thank god my shift was over. I'm an insecure nurse so do you think that I sound incompetent...? Or mentally unfit for the job. I feel horrible if I looked/sounded like a nutjob. I had this horrible feeling for the past few days of 'something will go wrong' and it happened!