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tips on going to med-surg from rehab nursing

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hi all, ive moved to a med-surg unit. I've been a rehab nurse for one year, and I want to know what kind of things to expect in difference between rehab and med-surg. I am pretty insecure about myself and especially since a lot of nursing co-horts think rehab is "nursing home" or "not real nursing"...

at my rehab center I've done PICC line dressing changes, hung IV abt, do insulin sliding scale, change wound vacs, do a lot of wound care, assessments, start ivs. I'm not so good at wound vacs, but I am good proficient at PICC lines and decent at iv starts. My med pass consists of patients of 12-25 depending on staffing ratiosand as a charge RN would be doing a lot of charge responsibilities.


i just want to know since i am very insecure in myself, i feel like the educators respect the nurses straight out of nursing school rather than me as if i been "tainted" any tips to "prove" myself as a goo dnurse and maybe stop being so sensitive?

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