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  1. Hi!! The only thing I have left to do is take the NLN nutrition exam which is scheduled for March. Has anyone taken this exam before instead of taking the class? I’ve paid for the two practice exams and scored 56 and 59 and a 62 is required. I’m looking for study materials. The NLN nutrition site isn’t helpful, it only has practice tests to purchase. I thought it would at least give an outline like the CLEP exams but it does not. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  2. Hi! I am starting the MAGELIN accelerated MSN program at Mount St. Joseph in May. I am so excited but very nervous!! Has anyone been through this program and is there any advice that you have? Is there anything you wish you would've done/knew before starting class? I am trying to go in as prepared as I can. Thank you!!