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Last week I applied to this program:

MSN-MAGELIN: Master's Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing | Mount St. Joseph University

It is a MSN program for people with non-nursing degrees. I am wondering if anyone has applied to this program recently and how long it took to receive a decision. They have rolling admission. I was told by one person that started two years ago MSJ called to schedule an interview after about 1.5 weeks after submitting the application.


I'm a current Magelin student that started in January. It definitely doesn't take 1.5 weeks. Are you applying for the August start or January? It's not really "rolling admission". There are three starting points- August, January, and May. I'm pretty sure it's typically 4-6 weeks to get an email about an interview. And then you'll find out about admission within a couple weeks.

I applied for May 2019. I will have all of my prereqs done by then. I thought 1.5 weeks for an interview seemed too good to be true. I was accepted into an ADN program starting this August. I really want out of my current profession because I am miserable. The ADN program will be completed in 5 semesters. I can't get anymore student loans since I have maxed them out with my bachelor's degree. So I will have to work through that ADN program. I am hoping to get an admissions decision from MSJ by August so that if I don't get in I will continue on with the ADN. I definitely prefer the MSN route though since it is a more advanced degree for almost the same timeframe and I can get graduate student loans to focus solely on my studies. This waiting game is hard LOL

If you already have a Bachelor's I think it's pointless to get an ADN. Hospitals are requiring current RNs with an Associates to get their BSN within a certain time period. The program is slowly being phased out completely. Magelin is only four semesters so it's actually faster than getting the ADN anyway. With their being an August and January start date before the semester you're applying for, I'm not sure when you'll find out. You may just want to email Dr. Donna Glanker, the head of the program, to ask.

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