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  1. Applying to hospital after 2 years in public

    Hello everyone! Thank you for your advice and support! I applied anyway, and got a call! I got the job offer on a surgery observation unit. This seems to be a good beginning for a hospital career, I hope? Anyways, thank you so much! On to my orientat...
  2. Neuro trauma interview tips

    Hello everyone, I had another post about whether or not to apply for the hospital after 2 years in public. I applied anyways and got a call! It’s from Neuro trauma! Woohoo! It turns out that my psych and adult daycare experience are all related...
  3. Hello everyone, I will be out of school for 2 years this July. For the pass 2 years, I took the NCLEX, and worked as an RN outside of the hospital like adult day healthcare center, treatment center for eating disorders, and now I’m giving covid ...
  4. Hi there, I’m just concerned about the current covid 19, what if I get it you know, especially you don’t have a good immune system when you are pregnant. My pregnancy has not been a nice time as well, I was diagnosed with GD, and I really don’t want ...
  5. Yes, I have the same issue as well. I feel like everybody is getting jealous just because we get more attention, even though it’s just the nature of the job. The other day I was talking to my relative about jobs, and they told me the process that the...
  6. Hi, I graduated last year and found a contract job after I passed my NCLEX. I found out that I was pregnant at the time, but I accepted the work anyways because I figured I was still early in my pregnancy. I worked for the company for 1 month assignm...
  7. Facility closes early and payment

    Hello everyone, I was recently hired by an agency to work for a facility from 8-4pm, but the facility closes early at 3 or 330pm. I was wondering if they need to pay me full hours even when the facility closes early? Is there a law on this? Answers a...
  8. Why is BSN required for CRNA?

    Maybe to you, a BSN is just an “easy, relatively useless, easy to obtain degree”, but to us it’s a whole career. Once you get to the hiring process without the required qualifications, you will understand how hard it is to get a job nowadays with ...
  9. Pregnant RN working in LTC

    Hello everyone, I graduated nursing school within 6 months, and passed my NCLEX. I just got an interview from a LTC facility, and they were very upfront about the job. They said it was gonna be hard, and their expectation. new grad will have about 15...
  10. Lost in NCLEX resources

    Hello, I have been out of school for 3 months. I took the nclex in August and failed it the first time. Now, I'm in preparation to take it the second time. I used Uworld and watched some Youtube videos for the first time, but I think I was lack of st...
  11. Depression and Nursing

    Hello there, I have been there for my friends amd mentor, so I really understand what you are going through. I understand that you love ED, but have you ever considered behavioral health? You have a gift that may help others, especially when you can ...
  12. Nclex

    Awwwww.... You know what, you can do it. Everybody is different. Maybe just need to take some breaths and relax? ?
  13. Nclex

    Hey! How is it going? I'm not sure if you have already taken the NCLEX? Either way, I took the NCLEX and did not pass, and I felt the same way as you before I took it: Did not feel prepared and did not know whether to extend the date. I would say EXT...
  14. Pediatric Brain Sheet

    Hello, I know this is out of topic, but, I really like your quotes. Could you explain to me the last one?
  15. Late Decelerations and uteroplacental insufficiency

    Why do we need to increase the IV fluid?