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I have been out of school for 3 months. I took the nclex in August and failed it the first time. Now, I'm in preparation to take it the second time. I used Uworld and watched some Youtube videos for the first time, but I think I was lack of strategies and method. I still don;t know why I failed, just need to study more. Anyways, I am using NCSBN, repurchasing ATI, and I heard good things about Saunders, so I purchased it too. Now, I feel overwhelmed from the resources! Am I on the right track? I have heard people advised to use only one resources and stick with it, but I really cannot help but looking around and feeling not prepared enough.

How much of uworld did you use prior to the test? I was slammed for time and only completed about 600 questions (plus the 2 assessments) but I loved the rationales they gave. I passed in 75 questions but I feel that my strategies were pretty sound. We had ATI in school and I absolutely hated everything about it. The rationales were weak and those in my class that need to get the green light still are having issues with correct answers not being what we were taught or what's in the book.

Did you score passing or almost passing in categories or was it all below? Depending on how many, you may want to hone in on those categories more. If it's all areas and testing or general content is weak, I'd possibly pick 1 content review resource.

Good luck!


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I feel that using too many sources at once can overwhelm you.

I personally used UWorld and youtube videos to study for my nclex. I would say I used my saunders comprehensive review book, but because it had so much information, I skimmed through it for the important nclex stuff.

Think back to how you were preparing yourself for your previous exam: Do you think you truly utilized your resources to the best of your ability? Did you get enough sleep? When you studied, did it feel productive? You must question yourself and find the solution from there as well.

If you study effectively, you don't need to utilize so many sources at once and you'll be prepared! Good luck to you!

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You need resources that will teach you step by step how to answer questions which is why mark k program is so far apart from all the other resources.



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I feel your pain, you are using to many tool.

Pick 1 tool and stick with it. Than when you done work with other product.

I recommend uworld and Mark Klimen audio