Facility closes early and payment

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Hello everyone,

I was recently hired by an agency to work for a facility from 8-4pm, but the facility closes early at 3 or 330pm. I was wondering if they need to pay me full hours even when the facility closes early? Is there a law on this? Answers are appreciated.




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I don't know about laws. It's not unusual for a nurse to be sent home early due to census fluctuations. They can use PTO or not be compensated.

You'd have to talk to your agency.



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Depends on the laws and also the facilities policies but more than likely they are probably not obligated to pay you. I have worked in facilities that have sent home nurses only 4 hrs into a 12hr shift. You either use PTO or you don't get paid. Check your contract that you signed with the agency and the facility.


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In my state, since you are being sent home after completing more than half of the shift, you are paid for hours worked. If you go to work expecting an eight hour shift but are sent home at once or up to four hours into the shift, you are paid for a minimum of four hours as “reporting time” or show-up pay.