Neuro trauma interview tips

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Hello everyone, 

I had another post about whether or not to apply for the hospital after 2 years in public. I applied anyways and got a call! It’s from Neuro trauma! Woohoo! It turns out that my psych and adult daycare experience are all related to neuro trauma. Please give me some advice on how to prepare for this interview, what types of questions do they usually ask. I also have so many questions: like what type of population, meds, any tips?? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.



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Strokes, strokes, strokes.  Post TPA, post thrombectomy. Hemorrhagic strokes.  You will need a stroke scale NIHSS certification if hired.  Blood pressure control is imperative with strokes.  
Traumas range from rib fracture to traumatic head injuries.  Most traumas are falls.  
There are a wide variety of meds depending on diagnosis.  
Neuro is interesting but taxing.  You need to go in with the right mindset.  It’s mentally exhausting.