Applying to hospital after 2 years in public

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Hello everyone,

I will be out of school for 2 years this July. For the pass 2 years, I took the NCLEX, and worked as an RN outside of the hospital like adult day healthcare center, treatment center for eating disorders, and now I’m giving covid 19 vaccine for cvs. All of these work I did for agency and registry. I’m now interested in applying for the hospital, but I’m worried that my experience is not enough. I have a BSN, and ACLS, BLS. What do you think my chances are and should I apply anyways?

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It might be hard to get a hospital job with your background but if that is what you want you've got nothing to lose by trying! Just wondering why you want to work in the hospital as it can be very stressful, many threads here about that. Either way if that is what you want than I say go for it!

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I think that you might do fine since there is a higher need of nurses right now. You'll learn about it. Just be upfront about your experience.


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It depends on so many things including the shortage (or lack thereof) in your area right now. But it never hurts to try so I say go for it! Make sure to put a lot of skill descriptions in your resume (IM injections, tube feedings, etc) so that they can see although you may not have hospital experience, you are experienced with XYZ skills.



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As the other say, GO FOR IT. Just realize that you're no longer the new grad, but what they call an 'old new grad'. And as such, you most prob won't qualify for any type of residency program, altho some employers might specially tailor your orientation.

You DO have experience that can be molded.

Good luck to you.


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Hello everyone! Thank you for your advice and support! I applied anyway, and got a call! I got the job offer on a surgery observation unit. This seems to be a good beginning for a hospital career, I hope? Anyways, thank you so much! On to my orientation and a new chapter ?

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2 years ago you would have had a rougher time, but right now we need nurses. Your experiences outside the hospital will be useful in the hospital too. We sometimes forget about what happens when our patients go home, but you will always be thinking of that. So glad you got an offer! Good luck with your new direction in your career.

Just a heads up: hospital nursing is HARD right now because so many are leaving the bedside. I am hoping that this is temporary, but who can tell? In any case, keep your head up and welcome to the bedside!

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Congratulations! Thanks for coming back and updating us. Good luck.