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Ioreth has 3 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Ortho-Neuro.

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  1. Ioreth

    Hiding Discharges

    I think it is more of an issue that a warm body on the floor is better than a vacant job opening. We are so severely short-staffed. I feel like I've got one foot out the door already. I've posted plenty about some of the issues in this job and t...
  2. Ioreth

    Hiding Discharges

    I wish I had said that to the nurse that left her phone at the desk. I told her she wasn't to do it again. Patient abandonment was certainly at the forefront of my mind. It is fairly common practice to walk a patient to the front door without ha...
  3. Ioreth

    Hiding Discharges

    I know both of them know how to do this, because that is how I trained them. Unfortunately, it isn't policy at my hospital. Charge can get in trouble for not clearing the room after a discharge in a timely matter, but the primary nurse isn't held acc...
  4. Ioreth

    Bedside Report

    I have a love/hate relationship with bedside shift report. Positives: Patient is involved in their care plan and its a good way to involve them in their goals for the day. They can also answer positively on the HCAPS questions about beside shift...
  5. Ioreth

    Hiding Discharges

    I think there are two facets here. As LovingLife stated, there's likely a misunderstanding of hospital flow and these nurses chose to protect themselves from getting admits by hiding their discharges. I am usually a floor nurse, not charge, and it wo...
  6. Ioreth

    ETOHer...(and other slang)

    CAAH = Confused as all hell. Pronounced with a heavy Texan accent "CONfused as awl hayel" I had to start calling SCDs "Leg Squishers" because more than one patient thought I was calling them STDs! This is a little specific to our equipment,...
  7. Ioreth

    Feeling Overwhelmed as a Charge Nurse

    I have had a similar experience being charge. I wrote about my ambivalence with being charge for the first time here: I don't want to be Charge! Being charge with a 1/2 patient load or no patients at all isn't too bad. It can be intimidating to...
  8. Ioreth

    Going from 3 12s to M-F 5 8s

    I LOVE working 12s. Sometimes I toy with the idea of working a clinic or public health job that would have me working 8s. I just don't think I would like doing it since I would much rather work my 3 12s and be done. If you find the 8s to be trou...
  9. Ioreth

    Reasons nurses get fired

    Things I've seen firings for: Not rounding on patients. CNA falsifying vital signs. Altered mental status while working then leaving hospital campus midshift without notifying anyone. Sitter CNA yelling at patient when patient was...
  10. Ioreth

    "Discrepancies" In Epic Documentation

    Wow. Thank you all for the excellent advice, especially on not using the scan overrides. I'm already a bit leary of pulling meds at all on an override since that one big case this year with an RN charged with negligent homicide after pulling a wrong ...
  11. Ioreth

    Hiding Discharges

    I wanted to add a few things that didn't really fit above. I also found the other noncommunicative nurse's phone at the charge station when I came back after discharging my patient. She had gone on lunch break, left her phone, but didn't tell m...
  12. Ioreth

    Hiding Discharges

    I'm trying to process a situation I was in recently and would appreciate feedback. Sorry for the book. TLDR: Floor RNs hiding from Charge that patients discharged. Poor patient flow ensues, Charge is reprimanded for holding up PACU. Bullying or...
  13. Ioreth

    Hope for bullying?

    I came here to write about what I think is a nurse bullying incident I'm facing on my own unit, which I will shortly. I'm also an older in age but newish nurse. It has come and go on my unit, and most of the time I don't recognize it as bullying unti...
  14. Thank you for the info about reporting to JCHO. It will be helpful as I figure out how to report this. We just finished our monthly staff meeting and I brought up my concerns yet again. "We've got a focus group looking at how to comply with this...
  15. Ioreth

    Is there anything you wished your work bag had?

    Since I have a locker, my bag is just a large, simple purse. There's a zippered pocket for my keys and wallet. Everything else goes in the middle: lunch, drink, extra mask, pens. I really don't carry much since I have a locker at work and everyt...