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  1. Career over family?

    I really need an advice and I was wondering if you can help me with this tricky situation here. My family was planning to move to another state because my husband couldn’t find the job here. We were all set to move in 2 months when I got an email for...
  2. Career over family?

    Thank you so much everyone for your input. Really appreciate but sadly I cancelled my interview. I couldn’t fight anymore. God bless you all.
  3. State RN III

    Hello, I have interview coming in one of the state ARCH as RN III but I am confused about the job description. According to the job description, I will be showering resident, laundering their clothes, feeding them which I know are part of the nu...
  4. Suspicion About Med Error

    Hello everyone, I have a suspicion about one new nurse who has started working by herself in past 2 weeks. I understand being new nurse and working by yourself, you are prone to make mistakes and with time you will learn. But if it’s regarding ...
  5. Suspicion About Med Error

    Hi guys , thank you all so much for your input but I am just suspicious about it, I am not sure and I don’t have any proof. I just cannot make assumption . I just wanted to know what would be an appropriate action here. Like JKL33 said, I did ask the...
  6. Suspicion About Med Error

    Hi JKL33, There has been no problem in taking medicine for this patient. He never refuse any medicine that’s y So far we were able to manage his symptoms successfully. We have been documenting his behavior which has been normal when other staff ...
  7. Hi guys , I once again come to you for your excellent advice and insights. I have been invited to schedule examination date for RN I  at LA COUNTY and I was wondering if anybody would shed light on what kind of questions are asked and how can you excel on them. I am really nervous since I have never done this before and I don’t wanna mess it up since it’s a big opportunity. HELP. Thank you.

  8. UC San Diego Emergency Department Nursing Certificate

    Thank you so much pacoUSA for all the updates.. it was really helpful.. I am also looking to do this course but I am newly licensed RN and I donot have any acute experience. Also I graduated 4 years ago. I was wondering do I need to be experienced nu...
  9. Result on hold more than 5 days?

    Hello everyone, I gave my nclex exam on 10 th of October and now it’s 15 th.. result still on hold.. I stopped at 75 at around 2 hrs n tried pvt 1 hour later.ever since it has been on hold. I called Pearson ,ncsbn and even my bon they all have same a...
  10. Should I quit my job of can just after5 months?

    Thank u for u advice . Guess m gonna use the same old reason. Hope it wud work out for best.
  11. Hello everyone, I am currently working as cna at one hospital for about 5 months now. I got my att about a month ago and I scheduled my exam in next 2 month. I want to focus entirely on my nclex preparation i talked with my manager that I want to qu...