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I have interview coming in one of the state ARCH as RN III but I am confused about the job description. According to the job description, I will be showering resident, laundering their clothes, feeding them which I know are part of the nursing job  but to me it looks more like CNA job than RN. Is there anyone working in Hawaii DOH as RN III can clarify it please? Thank you.


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Under Hawaii's Home and Community Based Services. Hawaii's Office of Health Care Assurance (OHCA) regulates ARCH = Adult Residential Care Home.  These homes provide live-in care for up to five persons in the operator’s home and serve as their advocate. The residents are often the elderly with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, or chronic diseases.

Licensed Adult Residential Care Homes (ARCH)

  • Type I- up to 5 residents
  • Type II - 6 or more residents
  • ARCH residents are NOT nursing facility level of care (NF LOC)

Expanded Adult Residential Care Home (EARCH is an ARCH that is licensed to serve residents who are NF LOC)

  • Type I ARCH : 2-3 of the 5 residents may be NF LOC
  • Type II ARCH: 20% of the residents may be NF LOC
  • EARCH is a 24 hour living accommodation that provides: personal assistance, homemaker/chore, companion, meals and medication oversight (to the extent permitted under State law) provided in
    a certified private home by a principal care provider who lives in the home
  • All E-ARCH residents who meet NF-LOC must get ongoing case management services

Per  Hawaii's  Civil Service job position postings:

Registered Nurse II, as the entry level, performs assignments consisting of a select number of less difficult cases within an assigned geographical area.  This involves responsibility for establishing a nursing diagnosis and care plan for each patient and/or family visited; providing health education, counseling and guidance to patients and/or families, in addition to nursing care treatment services; participating in specialized clinics; and performing other related duties as assigned.

 Registered Nurse III carries a full caseload of an assigned geographic area, and provides public health nursing care treatment and educational services.  The work involves establishing case priorities, developing and implementing nursing care plans for patients and/or families visited and organizing and conducting established clinics; and performing other related duties as assigned.

Requirement: 6 months experience as an RN

The Registered Nurse IV independently provides public health nursing care, treatment and educational services to a wide variety of groups within an assigned geographic area. Responsibility covers a wide range of case complexities and involves case finding; establishing case priorities based on the nursing needs of the individual and/or family; the organization and management of specialty clinics; establishing and implementing a nursing care plan for each patient and/or family visited; directing nursing assistants and lower level nurses, as assigned; and performing other related duties as assigned.

Requirement: 18 months experience as an RN

Educational program completion is required for RN's interested in being a home operator of an ARCH facility.  See:

RCH Home Primary Care Givers Program for Nurse Aides, LPNs and RNs


So, one can be a nurse and owner/provider of personal care services in an Adult Residential Care Home.  Check employment description carefully for full position requirements..