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  1. Sharmilagrg00

    Suspicion About Med Error

    Hi guys , thank you all so much for your input but I am just suspicious about it, I am not sure and I don’t have any proof. I just cannot make assumption . I just wanted to know what would be an appropriate action here. Like JKL33 said, I did ask the new nurse about it and she said there has been no problem in giving medicine and may be it was just an off nights for my patients. And she only work 1 eve this week, patient was still same for three nights I worked. Hopefully there has been no error and we could work some how to help my patient together. Thank you again.
  2. Sharmilagrg00

    Suspicion About Med Error

    Hi JKL33, There has been no problem in taking medicine for this patient. He never refuse any medicine that’s y So far we were able to manage his symptoms successfully. We have been documenting his behavior which has been normal when other staff are working evening shift. But I will look into it and will talk with her if there has been any other problem . I just want best for my patient . I am just worried that hopefully they are not missing medication because he is sleeping because I have seen that he was not given proper and timely incontinence care because they don’t want to wake him up Causing many skin issues but I have handled that. I just want to make sure that he is not deprived of care he needs because it will be too much work if he wakes up. thank you so much JKL33.
  3. Sharmilagrg00

    Suspicion About Med Error

    Hello everyone, I have a suspicion about one new nurse who has started working by herself in past 2 weeks. I understand being new nurse and working by yourself, you are prone to make mistakes and with time you will learn. But if it’s regarding patient safety, I don’t know if I should express concern or should I keep quiet. We have one patient who has dementia with behavioral disturbance and he has been prescribed trazadone and citalopram. Before she was working on floor, the resident was calm and would sleep through the whole night and would get much needed rest. But since she has started working, I have noticed after her shift in evening, the patient is agitated and wouldn’t sleep all night, would be yelling all night long. The thing is I have been advocating for this residence for a very long time since I found out that CNA are not changing him because they don’t want to wake him up as he starts to yell when he wakes up. So I am afraid that this new nurse might not be waking him up to give medicine if he is sleeping which is scheduled around 8. I really don’t know what to do since I don't have proof but just suspicion but I am worried about my patient because missing antidepressants/sedative medication might harm patient. Or is it okay to miss 2-3 dose of these medicine? Please fellow nurses , help my patient . Thank you.
  4. Hi guys , I once again come to you for your excellent advice and insights. I have been invited to schedule examination date for RN I  at LA COUNTY and I was wondering if anybody would shed light on what kind of questions are asked and how can you excel on them. I am really nervous since I have never done this before and I don’t wanna mess it up since it’s a big opportunity. HELP. Thank you.

  5. Sharmilagrg00

    UC San Diego Emergency Department Nursing Certificate

    Thank you so much pacoUSA for all the updates.. it was really helpful.. I am also looking to do this course but I am newly licensed RN and I donot have any acute experience. Also I graduated 4 years ago. I was wondering do I need to be experienced nurse to pursue this course? Any comment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Sharmilagrg00

    Result on hold more than 5 days😞

    Hello everyone, I gave my nclex exam on 10 th of October and now it’s 15 th.. result still on hold.. I stopped at 75 at around 2 hrs n tried pvt 1 hour later.ever since it has been on hold. I called Pearson ,ncsbn and even my bon they all have same automated answer. Can it be bcuz before test my husband asked for restroom code, also bcuz I was having nasty cold and the proctor gave me a tissues. Was I not allowed to take that inside? Oh m dying with every worries I can think of.. any suggestions and insight would be great. Thank u