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    failed the nclex, have a residency program lined up, help!

    I would tell them. Sadly, a lot of those offers are only valid if you pass the NCLEX the first time. This program could be different though. You only know once you call them! Good luck!!
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    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    I'm scared for your patients. If this is how you speak to people you don't even know, I really don't think you should be out in the public helping others. Your language is very toxic and child-like. I can't even imagine how you treat people you do know... You might wanna consider some therapy. I wish you the best though!! Rooting for you! xx
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    Proctor Problem

    honestly, this is a very odd situation. It is well-known that there is a calculator on the actual test (and the proctors usually know this) so idk why it was given to you?? was there not a calculator on the top, right screen? There was someone in my group who brought a calc, and the proctor immediately told him he wasn't allowed to bring it. Strange that it isn't standardized
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    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    men make more $$ in nursing.pdf edit: this is just one article i found. If you are truly interested, there are many other sources you can find stating the same thing
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    NCLEX- tips on retaining/applying content

    NCLEX questions come in categories. There are certain frameworks that always help me pick the right answer. For example, knowing ABC's helps with "what should you do first." Sometimes intervention is necessary before assessment (for example, if a chest tube comes out what should you do? Answer: put sterile dressing over and tape 3 sides). Though, assessment is usually first if it is not an airway/breathing emergency. Maslow's hierarchy of needs comes in handy answering q's too. For example, the nurse should pay attention to physiological deteriorations first vs. a patient who has anxiety. I really think practicing A LOT of questions will help your brain understand which answer to pick. It takes a lot of repetition to truly understand the way the NCLEX thinks. The NCLEX is what you would do in a perfect world. Sometimes picking the answer one would do in real life is not the actual answer. idk if any of that made sense...lol practicing questions is what helped me pass. I used UWorld and nothing else. Kaplan is utterly useless in my opinion-the questions are too easy (i tried using one that was available in my library)
  6. Hi! I took the NCLEX 2 days ago, and received my results through Pearson's quick results. I passed!! I just wanted to let you guys know to not try that pearson vue trick. I got the "bad pop up" and was devastated for 2 days. I wasted so much of my life unhappy because I really thought I failed... Maybe I did it wrong? idk but my name has already popped up on my state's nursing board so I know those quick results aren't false. Have hope if you did the trick and got the bad pop up!! And in my advice just don't try that at all. <3
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    What to do after nursing school???

    Hi!! To get to the point, I honestly have no idea what I want to do after nursing school. There are so many different options and I was hoping to hear from experienced nurses what they think a good route is to take. I was thinking about being a nurse practitioner, so then I would work a couple of years in a icu unit. Travel nursing sounds interesting as well. But I was also thinking about jobs I can get that are not actually nursing. Like maybe a teacher or something?? Idk, I just have NO IDEA what I want to do so if you have experience in any of the things I'm talking about please send help. Thanks!!
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    What to do after nursing school???

    My bad, I do tend to think more about the future than the present. I already know I will be working as a bedside nurse for a couple of years, but I'm not sure what I would do after that. I am doing an externship right now so honestly I don't see myself struggling to get a job when I graduate...that's why I'm so worried about wayyyyy into the future. You guys are right though. I really should focus on starting and finishing my senior year--i just can't help but get ahead of myself!
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    Veterans Affairs

    Well, I probably cannot help much because I'm only a nursing student. Though, I did one of my med-surg clinicals at a VA near my school. For this clinical we went to the med-surg unit (obviously), the ED, and the ICU. All I have to say is that it is a lot slower than regular hospitals bc they only have a very limited and specific population there. There were patients here, but not as many and not as critical (even in the ICU!). One of the nurse recruiters came to speak to us, and from what I can remember the benefits are supreme and days off were numerous! I think that's one of the main reasons people decide to work at VA hospitals.
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    John's Hopkins Nurse Extern

    Hi! I got an email saying I am scheduled to attend one of the open houses for the CNE program at Hopkins. Are any former externs willing to share their experience??
  11. Nursing2019BSN

    Hershey Medical Center Nurse Extern

    Hi! I have an interview at HMC for this summer and i was wondering if any former externs have tips/advice on the interview. Thanks!
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    How many hours did you honesty spend studying in nursing school?

    I'm a junior in nursing school, and it really depends on the class. I studied A LOT for science-based classes (pharm, patho, A&P) because it took me longer to understand it. I would recommend recording lectures, reviewing notes before and after class, and practicing NCLEX questions for exams. My school pulls NCLEX questions for all of our exams so practicing them really helps me. Everyone's school is different though! You will learn how to study throughout the program.