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    about davita ?

    I wasn't sure how to title this , but I would like to know if divita is flexible for workers that are students. What are the requirements to get a job with the company ?. My questions are does davita have flexible hours for student workers ? My next question is I've never worked as a PCT but I have CNA certification and I am also phlebotomy certified will I be able to get a job in this company ?.
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    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    Even Nurses aren't immune to flu season .
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    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    This woman that I know daughter is a military nurse and she makes a lot of money , it really depends on what type of nursing field your in ,but I know at the start you earn enough to have a livable wage and that's good enough for me . It sure as heck beaks living below the poverty line ;But I don't expected to get rich when I graduate ADN , I just assumed I'd be able to afford a roof over my head food to eat and pay bills , but I want to do this job to help people and for the good pay 23 /hr or even 20/hr sounds a lot better than what I'm making now .