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Is there a trade school for nurses?


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I’ve been feeling a bit stressed about the rising prices of my community college and now there’s a pandemic and thanks to this virus I can’t work on getting financial aid the places are closed . I know this might be a silly question and you folks will probably laugh at me. I’m fine with that but I’m worried about this pandemic keeping me out of school (lab classes are canceled) plus I’m in debt for paying out of pocket for my last classes . I’ve been working to pay it off during the pandemic plus bills my debt is huge so I know I won’t have enough money leftover to pay for school. I’m hoping maybe there’s a quicker way to get my nursing degree when this virus goes away and maybe I can go to a trade school which will be less expensive and I can finish my prerequisites quicker . I really don’t know or do I have to go into more debt again after paying this one off . I’m terrified to think I have to go through that again. Sorry I’m just really stressed out about this.

Only ever saw LVN/LPN courses associated with adult education/vocational training centers. About 30 years ago you could go through the program for around $2000. Particular program I’m thinking about no longer exists and other programs mentioned but no upcoming classes when I looked and that was a few years ago. Proprietary schools (for LVN) are on every corner around here though. They cost an arm and a leg. No more (good reputation) programs for $2000! Occasional proprietary RN program with poor reputation if you want to pay $48,000 to $65,000.

My local trade school had an lpn and an ADN program.