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I wasn't sure how to title this , but I would like to know if divita is flexible for workers that are students. What are the requirements to get a job with the company ?.

My questions are does davita have flexible hours for student workers ?

My next question is I've never worked as a PCT but I have CNA certification and I am also phlebotomy certified will I be able to get a job in this company ?.

Does anyone have any tips

Hi. In general, Davita doesn't really have hours that are conducive to nursing school. It really depends on the clinic and what the work requirements are. There really isn't flexibility to work nights (unless it's a nocturnal clinic) or full weekends because they're closed on Sundays. I just left Davita for a hospital dialysis job so that I could work overnights in order to go to school. I was supposed to work 4 ten hour shifts at Davita that started around 4am. Usually, on MWF I worked 4am to 8p/close because we had a third shift of patients. TuThSat my hours were 4am until we finished which was around 3.

One semester, my clinical coordinator allowed me to have Tuesdays and Thursdays off for class. But then it's hard to get your hours in. If you're OK with working less than 40 or even 30 hours a week, it might be doable.

We had a phlebotomist in our training class and everyone thought she'd be the star pupil and she was the worst. It's really fast paced and she wasn't used to it. I came in with zero medical experience after taking a CNA class. I caught on pretty well and did fine. The phlebotomist quit/got fired after her extended training was over because she just couldn't keep up the pace.

Wow I thought because she was a phlebotomist she would have an easy time in that class. I guess since divita is not flexible it's not for me I need something that would give me the space for school.

In my few years of experience from being a former Davita employee, they really don’t work with your schedule. Where I worked everyone was full time no exceptions. You did not have to be a certified nursing assistant to become an employee with davita, just cpr certified, which they provided.

I have to renew my cpr certification if I wanted to work there , I got mine when I was a teenager and expired so long ago .

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