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    Centra College of Nursing

    Hi All! I'm wondering if anyone here is a graduate or current student of Centra College of Nursing in Lynchburg, VA. I was recently accepted for the upcoming fall term. I'd love to hear about your experiences, things I need to be aware of, etc.... The plan is to complete my ADN and then get my BSN and apply to grad school for midwifery. I'm not sure if I will continue with Centra for the BSN program or not, as I am a graduate from Liberty and have credits there that will transfer for a second bachelor's from them for nursing. Hopefully I'm not the only Centra student here! I look forward to hearing from you!
  2. annabananaof8

    Centra College of Nursing

    Here's the link for their program page. The "Moodle" link there also has contact information listed on the left side. They have a Facebook page but they aren't the best about connecting with people there. When I applied I printed out the application, sent it in with the fee, and when they accepted me I went in to do my drug test and paid for the background screen. I haven't gotten any more letters yet, but when I asked they said that they will be sending out information on class schedules/financial aid in late June/early July. As far as reviews, the local nurses in my area said that it's a good program, and I have a cousin who attended their LPN program. A lot of the students have job offers before graduation. https://www.centrahealth.com/CCON
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    Centra College of Nursing

    I will be attending in the fall. I was accepted in March.
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    White Nursing Student Shoes

    I got some white Sketchers shoes with memory foam for my program. I've seen so many get clogs and I just don't think they seem that comfortable. You can get them for around $40-$60/pair.
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    Hi there! I had the exact same issue when I was trying to decide what program to go in to! I ended up going for my ADN, with the intention that as soon as the ink dries on my license, I'll enroll in the BSN and finish that up (and the employer helps pay for it). It will take me maybe 3-4 months longer doing it that way, but the income I will make working as an ADN while working on my BSN was a deciding factor for me, especially since (where I live) all new RN's go through the same nurse residency program and get paid the same. I even asked about employment opportunities for grads of the ADN program I am attending this fall, and they said they've had nurses hired all over the place in many specialties. The only place I've seen it make a big difference is in a larger "university" type hospital, where they prefer BSN and experience. Our hospital isn't a community hospital (it was a Level 3 NICU and is a trauma center); it's basically one step below the hospital that requires the BSN thing. I don't intend to move away anytime soon since I have a husband with a well-established career and a lot of kids, so that also played a factor. I just couldn't justify the extra debt when a little more patience would mean that I end up in the same place. Good luck with your decision!
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    White Swan Sizing-Help!

    Hello All! I am trying to shop for my scrubs for nursing school, and I'm having a really hard time with sizing. I checked our (not so local, but the only one around) uniform store, and they don't even carry the brand my school requires, so I thought I would turn to you all for some help! I'm 5'1, 160-ish lbs. Have broad shoulders/back, and carry most of my weight in my abdomen. Our school requires us to buy white swan fundamentals in a specific color that is to be embroidered. I'm assuming for the top I'll need a L, but the pants have me confused. I want to order the shorter length. It's recommending a size that just seems so "off" to me. If I go by hip measurements (39/40 inches), I need a M. If I go by my waist (36 inches), I need an XL. I wear a 12 in Old Navy and Levi Jeans, if that helps. I haven't been able to figure out if white swan runs big, small, or right on. The last thing I want is pants that sag on the back end.
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    Kaplan Results...Decision Time...

    Hi all! I *finally* finished the last step I need to apply to nursing school, which involved taking the Kaplan exam. I unfortunately didn't have time to study for it, and consequently my writing score wasn't amazing. I ended up with an 84 overall (100 in reading, 93 math, 76 writing, 60 science, and 88 critical thinking). They don't take the science score though. They said the minimum overall (minus science) was a 60 for the ADN program. My pre-requisites were all A's, and my previous bachelor's degree I had a 4.0 GPA as well. I know they do consider previous college work so I feel that helps. However, I also applied to another program (a BSN one) and got accepted. They require I take a semester of their science courses before I formally apply to their aBSN program. This was sort of my back up school, because I can finish my BSN in the same amount of time either way, but would be working a year sooner doing the ADN route. The ADN school hires their own students into their healthcare system, so I know I'd be able to get a job with them. I also find the part-time schooling appealing simply because I have 8 kiddos that also need my attention. If I go the ADN route, I intend to go for my BSN as soon as I get my RN license, and according to their paperwork, I only need about 36 credit hours to have that completed after I become an RN. This is definitely my first choice school, even though it's only an ADN program, because financially in the long run I'm way better off going this route. My predicament is that the BSN school wants me to do my deposit by March, and the adviser I spoke with said I definitely want to get my deposit in ASAP because that enables me to enroll in classes. Their nursing program is competitive so if I want those science classes to that can apply to their aBSN program, I have to get in to them. She said that enrollment is typically filled before the end of April. However, I won't hear about the ADN program until late April/early May. If I don't get in, I'm sort of out of luck! I've had to push back starting nursing school for two years now because of a surprise high risk pregnancy and birth of a baby with some feeding issues (all is resolved now thank goodness). I'm so ready to get started both for my own mental health and because it's time for a change. Would you feel pretty confident that my GPA and my test scores are good enough for the ADN program? I can't find much on the Kaplan test, really to know if my score is actually competitive enough. Or should I just suck it up and go with the BSN program? I'm sort of at the mercy of financial aid with them at the moment which is why I was waiting on the deposit.
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    Kaplan Results...Decision Time...

    Oh no I just meant the Kaplan entrance exam that the ADN school has us take. The school I applied to is accredited and recognized by the BON so I'm good to go there! Thanks!
  9. annabananaof8

    Kaplan Results...Decision Time...

    The deposit wouldn't be refundable, which is what makes it so hard to decide. I can always delay in hopes I do get an admission letter! I keep checking the mail for the financial aid package from the BSN school because that would really help make my decision easier. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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