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    What do I do next

    If you want to stay in the emergency department, I see you have 3 options. - Management such as charge nurse - advance role like NP - or as a educator for the department. Decide which area is more you and go for it. Or if you want to leave ED, you need to go explore you options first.
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    Generation Z

    I’m 25 so don’t quite know where I fit in this question. I definitely don’t fit the millennial stereotype. I have notice a big difference between myself and those that are 21, who went straight to nursing school out of high school and have barely any life experience and haven’t had a job before nursing though. Often are less helpful, first to leave after shift, but tend to be less stress out. For my self, whose somewhere in the middle of both group, probably technology. I do have my phone on me all the time, not so much personal use but I have apps to look up different medication, terms, conditions I use a lot when I come across something new. Find older nurses still using books!
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    Did my Interview go well? Or don’t count on a call?

    Wait! You finished a couple of months ago and you’ve already had two jobs? And already tried to get a thrid. Secondly you ask what type of population they see? It’s L&D! There’s not that much variation. Also asked if it was baby friendly? As in telling them essentially your planning on having baby yourself in near future. Or at least that’s what it sounds like Im guessing it’s gone past that Monday to Wednesday time line, and you don’t want to reach out to them. I think you have your answer.
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    bedside report

    I think it depends on the nurses tbh. I work float pool, and I find some floors are really good at bedside handover. It efficient, the staff like it, the pt like it. We go in, if the pt is asleep we won’t wake them. We say what we need to and move on. If there’s anything important we can check it there together. If the pt had something important to say, we let them. But we don’t stand there while they rant on. Takes just as long as handover in the nurses station. Other floors that still try to get away with out doing it, it doesn’t work. Nurses make a big deal about it, just makes something that’s simple and should be quick into something long and dreaded.
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    What is considered "job hopping"

    IMO you should stay in a job for at least a year. Unless there’s a very good reason why you left earlier But then again if you change your job every year that doesn’t look good either. Some one with five years experience whose had 2 jobs isn’t job hopping. Someone whose had 4,5,6 plus is.
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    Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    I can say the same about your comment. Didn’t want to respond but really bothers me. Experience is one thing. But dealing with a lot **** like you’ve had to is not mandatory. Just because you’ve had it tough, doesn’t mean thats what all nurses need to go threw, before finding a job that they enjoy and works for them. Nursing has so many option, that’s part of the reason people enjoy the job. Some enjoy fast pace acute care, or mental health, or community health or children’s health. Doesn’t make a difference. It’s all nursing. We shouldn’t exclude others from the profession if they can’t/don’t want to work in a hospital. They can go nursing school and contribute a lot to society without having to do hard labour.
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    I’ve given up

    I work in the float pool at my hospital, I got hired as a new grad and have been there for nearly a year and a half. I work all around the hospital, but most of my experience is in med/surg. When I first started a 2 people, on one particular floor, said some things about me. 98% complete lies. It was investigated and proved that they were lying. Anyhow it has managed to stick around. My manager has a low opinion about me. Nothing I do seems to be enough. I can’t chsnge her opinion. Regardless of all the nice things coworkers/pt say about me. Even the two people that lied about me, have gotten over it and have no problems working with me. I feel I have given this hospital everything. See my last post, where I reached breaking point. I was/am so burnt out. I feel like there’s nothing I can do to change things and just want to move on. But 1) I don’t know where to? I like having variety and working with all age groups. And 2) I’m worried about references. I feel like no one would hire me after talking to my manager. What can I do next? I know I need a fresh start.
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    Oh my favourite is always, im nursing student and I failed. But it’s not my fault. It’s everyone else’s. It was only one point. I’m going to sue the school.
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    Why is it "legal" for patient to decline male nurses?

    I don’t see this as an issue, the pt has a right to refuse. You are there for there for the pt, why would you want to make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy? just because you are a nurse doesnt give you the right to order them around like that I know myself when I see a GP for any gynae related things I ask for a female doctor because I’m just more comfortable. I feel they understand better than a male doctor. It goes both ways though. I was working in ED one night and a guy needed a catheter inserted straight away but refuse any female to do it. In the end we only had one male nurse in the hospital working in med/surg that we had to come in and do it for us. Dont take it personally. And stop being so naive.
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    help me prioritize please

    It comes with time. You will soon learn that you can’t do everything, and sometimes you need to hand something over to the next shift, or ask for help or give a med late. With the PCAs you need to be firm, I’m going to assume you young. Because the same thing happen to me as a new grad. The saw me as young new nurse and wasn’t that helpful, they were usually twice my age and had been working for many many years. You’re in charge of delegating then task, so be firm. And always thank them, makes a big difference when they see you actually appreciate them. You also need to ask for help from other nurses. You should be working as a team. This includes the nurse co ordinating the shift, let them know when your really struggling. They are there to Help you too. Give it time. You will get there. You will learn what’s important and what you can put off/do late.
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    Advice please I’m torn.

    Does someone want to think of the child here? You can’t leave them like this, knowing there meds are being altered and are affected him. He needs help. And it’s your profession responsibility to help him Plus it something that will def fall back on yourself and most probably land you in a lot of trouble. Reporting this shouldn’t be the issue.
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    I’m burnt out

    So I’ve been an RN for nearly a year and a half and Im burnt out. I work on the float pool, working on different floors every day. Sometimes multiple floors a day. I do ten 8 hour shifts a fortnight. I’m sick of being an ‘outsider’ every where I go. I’m sick of not being appreciated. im sick of being so busy that I never get a lunch break im sick of doing short changes (ie finishing at 2330 and being back at 0700) I’m sick of being called in everyday, making me feel so bad that I can’t say no im sick of having to work 7-8-9 days in a row and only having one day off before starting back I feel like all my life is going to work, coming home and sleeping and then back to work. On my day off (rarely have more than 1 off in a row) I either do house work and meal prep, or sleep for 15 hours. I moved here for my job, and haven’t really made any friends. I’m single as well. So spend most my time on my own and have no one I can talk to about my frustration or when I’ve had a sh*ty day. I have a leave in a couple of months, but don’t think I can make it till then. I’m exhausted.
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    Would this shirt get me into trouble in class?

    I agree with others here. I really don’t get why people get obsess with having all this nursing related things, tacky slogans on items, syringe shaped pens, and the non stop posting on social about how amazing nurses are. We get it. Your a nurse/student nurse. its a bit over the top. also you have a dress code for nursing school????
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    New Grad Job Offers in ICU versus IMC/Tele: Need Input Please

    I think it's obvious. The first job. It has a Good reputation. The manager obviously know you want to go to icu and is ok with it and will give you the training you need. And your family is there, there's only so long you can do long distance for. If your still unsure look at all the post there are on here about new grads starting in icu and not coping. Even with healthcare experience.
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    New Grad - Short Stay Unit?

    Any more info? Is it like a day of surgery where people who had minor surgeries come back to the unit and get discharge that day? Or is it for people who maybe only need to stay 1 night? Or is it a mix? Like people coming in for medical producers and stay a couple of hours and some people having surgery and some people staying overnight? I've worked in these short stay units and yes I think they are good for new grads. Pt are normally stable and routine. But you normally see a lot of different things. Will give you the chance to gain a lot of knowledge. And it's at a pace where you will not get overwhelmed. And should be support well. Every now and again you will pt that dertoriate and get unwell too. Bonus most people are independent so very little dirty work (ie cleaning up poo)
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    Did this patient overreact?!

    This is all wrong. She was uncomfortable, there's no denying that. She well within her right to complain. Saying she overreacting is appalling. He shouldn't of turned the camera off. He had no reason to expose her private area. And if there was a actual reason there should of been another female nurse there with him. That fact that she's had kids makes no difference. Giving birth is a legitimate reason to be exposed, doesn't mean that now she can be expose whenever with no reason.
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    Help! Not sure which unit to choose.

    Personally I would go with the neuro unit. You've done a placement there and know you enjoy it. You know what your getting yourself into. That is if your more into acute care and want to get into this area. If stable pt sound more like you then obviously med surg. Also there isn't a big difference In ratio numbers. I'm sure the med surg will often be more than 4-5 if they can't retain staff. Screams short staffed to me. Which is something I wouldn't want to deal with.
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    As seen on TV

    Or the opposite. Couple of compressions and they are suddenly alive and completely back to normal like nothing happened.
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    Need advice please?

    Apply for the job. If you get an interview, then let your employer know before your interview. Still dont get why why you waited 7 months for a med surg job though.
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    Would you call in sick?

    I have registered since dec 2017 and been working for a full year. So no idea where you got July from? Hence my name new gradnurse17 (as in 2017 I was a new grad) as well as that, when I was a student I had no option but to live with my parents, which meant a hour commute each way to school or the hospital for placements. So I know what it's like having to do commutes. Unfortunately having little sleep is something I had to get used to. But it's something you just have to deal with and not call I sick for. She choose to take this job knowing what it entailed. Complaining because if traffic or meetings after work is rediculous. If you can't handle it then quit.
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    How to relax after a bad shift

    I am a new grad, 6 months out. I work in the resource unit in my hospital, so work on different floors all the time. However whenever I work on the general med floor I always leave angry and frustrated. I hate that floor, can not stand working on it. The staff are rude, the workload is unsafe, I never feel supported. Plus I never wanted to work in general med. it is only this floor. Whenever I work any where else it such a pleasant experience. The staff are great, I enjoy my shift, and help is always available. I have have talk to my boss, who is aware I hate medical nursing. But she believes it is good experience for me early in my career. I plan to remain in this job till the end of the year, and then will start applying for permanent jobs on the floors I enjoy working in. But for know how do relax after a s**t shift? How do switch off and not think about what happened that day (because there's always something that happened)?
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    Would you call in sick?

    Well I disagree. You took this job knowing about your commute. You must of known about the lack of time between shifts. You've created this mess, now you have to deal with it. If I was your employer and I found out you were calling in sick because of the commute I would let you go immediately.
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    What do I need for nursing school?

    Personally I don't think you need much. Lots of people get overwhelmed and just buy everything. I remember buying all the required text books and then never using them. As long as you've got pen and paper you'll be fine. Hold off buying more till you've started school. You will quickly find out what's important to buy. Ie certain text books, shoes ect.
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    New Grad with Some Job Choices

    Again hospital B would be my choice. That is if you want full time. Enjoy having time off and the holiday season without having to worry about your work roster.
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    First job as a new grad nurse in a staffing agency

    In My orignal post I said it was different. I never said it was the same.