Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

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something to be said for the old adage "work smarter...not harder"



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11 hours ago, amoLucia said:

OK, was just asking. But it now looks like you'll only be coming up equal $$, but at more work time to come up to that equal $ income. Like you'll be doing a job and a half just to reach your old $ level. I'd be concerned that you'll soon tire out physically and the PT job will take the hit.

Not a bad idea, this^^^

Even though you sound like you think you'll be OK, those extra PT jobs are the first to go. (Been there, done that) so you'd be back at the lower income.

I can fully appreciate the extra money. It helped me tremendously for about the 3 months or so that I did it. But enough became enough. And then I just maintained my FT mid-mgt position.

Good luck to you though.

Thanks for the response. I did ask more info about the job and workload. I plan to ask more at the interview. It is 100% online including meetings, so I figure I'm gaining a good 10 to 13 hours in weekly commute time . I will continue to weigh the pros and cons.

20 minutes ago, sleepwalker said:

something to be said for the old adage "work smarter...not harder"

Ya that is true.



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3 hours ago, sleepwalker said:

something to be said for the old adage "work smarter...not harder"

Oh yes. So true, so if you're coming ahead on your commute time, you've gained.

Again, good luck.

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I worked long term care on the side for about a year. It wasn't real bad, but I had to let it go due to some changes in my workload. I went from being clinical education, or lead course faculty and there was a lot of work to be done.

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I am the opposite - I had a full-time hospital job and have been teaching online part-time for 2.5 years. But now I have a full-time remote nursing position + the part-time online teaching, and it's very doable! I usually do my teaching stuff while on lunch from my full-time remote job. ? Do you know for sure that the pay cut will be that big? Any way to negotiate? Good luck!!


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I'm a full time instructor and still work part time at the bedside. I could easily work 4 shifts a month, if I wanted to, even more when I think about how many breaks we have (Spring break, easter, Summer, fall break, Winter, etc.). The burnout in academia is so much less for me that I'm not as tired on my days off and can therefore work back at the bedside (when I'm feeling froggy ?).

Since you'll be online, it shouldn't be too difficult. Prior to the students starting, you should already have a plan for the semester so you can begin early on getting prepped. For the next semester, it will be even easier because you should have most of your materials prepared (assuming you're teaching the same courses).


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I have done the opposite -- full time hospital (staff development, not bedside) + part time online instructor. Very do-able.

It might be a difficult at first, as you adjust to the online teaching environment and to teaching new classes. (The first time teaching a new class is always harder and more time consuming.) However, once you learn to "work smarter" online and streamline some of your teaching ... you'll probably have not trouble doing what you hope to do.


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I'm 24 hours/wk night shift as a bedside nurse and also teach part time. Currently teach 1 didactic section (online), 1 med surg clinical group & 2 lab sections. Before I dropped to 24 hours at the hospital I was doing 36 hours/wk nights and teaching clinical & didactic and it was too much. Losing that 3rd 12 hour shift made a world of difference! My eventual goal is to just stay in this teaching position & switch to per diem at the hospital when kiddos come along. With what I'm currently teaching, I'd only be out of the house 2 days per week and much shorter days than working 12s so it would be super helpful for childcare. I'd pick up my per diem shifts when my husband was home. 

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