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  1. PediatricRNTX

    Career Advice from Nurse Educators

    yes, be informed. Most if not all online instructor jobs want a PHd. I recently posted about online instructor jobs (teaching assistant, academic coach) whatever you want to call them requiring a master degree and making very low hourly pay. The degree is valuable and opens doors, but it also depends what you want to do with it.
  2. PediatricRNTX

    Faculty and Professors not teaching?

    Recently I've seen several job posts for Academic Coaches, Teaching Assistants, Education Specialists and the jobs are basically teaching the online courses for the faculty/professor with the PHd. These jobs require master degrees and pay fairly low. Why are these jobs becoming so common? What are faculty doing? Research? I'm just trying to understand. I literally read a job post saying "update the and coach faculty how to coach and mentor student on their performance." What!? It is almost like they want the PHd as the face of the college, and all the others doing the work behind the scenes. Anyone in Academia have any info on this?