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  1. Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

    Thanks for the response. I did ask more info about the job and workload. I plan to ask more at the interview. It is 100% online including meetings, so I figure I'm gaining a good 10 to 13 hours in weekly commute time . I will continue to weigh the pr...
  2. Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

    Well that's where the side gig comes in. Working PRN on the side would make me about 25K, so yes. I would be fine. I am currently in a high paying hospital job but man the stress, the burnout....I'm tired of drinking the kool aid in a hospital leader...
  3. Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

    Agree. I would like to keep my skills and the ability to pick up a shift and make $$$
  4. Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

  5. Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

    Um OK
  6. Anyone a fulltime professor with a part time nursing job (staff RN or NP)? Just wondering if the workload is possible. I have an interview for a fulltime ONLINE nursing professor job but am anticipating a 30K pay cut. With that, as well as my desire ...
  7. research nurse to PhD nurse researcher...

    thank u!! super helpful
  8. research nurse to PhD nurse researcher...

    I am currently starting a PhD nursing program and work in a leadership/educator role. I was offered an interview for a nurse researcher job with physicians. I am interested in doing independent research when I complete my PhD. Would this nurse resear...
  9. Fulltime or part time PhD? Share experiences please

    Thanks for sharing. I actually am in leadership so I work 5 days 40plus hours a week and take some call. And 6 years vs 4ish...I am strongly considering pt work and ft study.Thanks
  10. I have a high paying hospital lesdership/education job and am currently waiting to hear from a PhD program. I'm considering dropping to part time work (possible staffing 2 days a week) to pursue fulltime study. Financially I have this opportunity. Th...
  11. Any tips on how to become faculty?

    online instruction is challenging to come by. You need a phd.
  12. Career Advice from Nurse Educators

    also nurse "mentors" that are essentially responsible for passing and progression through the online programs. I hear its about 65K but no challenge and stuck on the phone all day. Hardly what I envisioned as an online instructor. Just sharing
  13. Career Advice from Nurse Educators

    yes, be informed. Most if not all online instructor jobs want a PHd. I recently posted about online instructor jobs (teaching assistant, academic coach) whatever you want to call them requiring a master degree and making very low hourly pay. The degr...
  14. Faculty and Professors not teaching?

    Recently I've seen several job posts for Academic Coaches, Teaching Assistants, Education Specialists and the jobs are basically teaching the online courses for the faculty/professor with the PHd. These jobs require master degrees and pay fairly low....
  15. salary

    from my experience in texas, hospital educators make significant more than faculty. I literally got a 25k raise from leaving academia to hospital education. Academia in texas, you mostly need a PHD for growth. ballpark:55-70k (depending on term and ...