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  1. PediatricRNTX

    research nurse to PhD nurse researcher...

    thank u!! super helpful
  2. PediatricRNTX

    research nurse to PhD nurse researcher...

    I am currently starting a PhD nursing program and work in a leadership/educator role. I was offered an interview for a nurse researcher job with physicians. I am interested in doing independent research when I complete my PhD. Would this nurse research position (data abstraction) position help me? It is a "step down" from my current position which is why i am asking. Thoughts and opinions please. my understanding is research nurses are different than the nurse scientist/researcher role. Am I incorrect in this?
  3. PediatricRNTX

    Fulltime or part time PhD? Share experiences please

    Thanks for sharing. I actually am in leadership so I work 5 days 40plus hours a week and take some call. And 6 years vs 4ish...I am strongly considering pt work and ft study.Thanks
  4. I have a high paying hospital lesdership/education job and am currently waiting to hear from a PhD program. I'm considering dropping to part time work (possible staffing 2 days a week) to pursue fulltime study. Financially I have this opportunity. The alternative is stay at my job and pack away at PhD for 6ish years. I'm in no rush but obviously if I can get done sooner thatd be great. What is your plan and may I ask for opinions and suggestions to be successful.
  5. PediatricRNTX

    Any tips on how to become faculty?

    online instruction is challenging to come by. You need a phd.
  6. PediatricRNTX

    Career Advice from Nurse Educators

    also nurse "mentors" that are essentially responsible for passing and progression through the online programs. I hear its about 65K but no challenge and stuck on the phone all day. Hardly what I envisioned as an online instructor. Just sharing
  7. PediatricRNTX

    Career Advice from Nurse Educators

    yes, be informed. Most if not all online instructor jobs want a PHd. I recently posted about online instructor jobs (teaching assistant, academic coach) whatever you want to call them requiring a master degree and making very low hourly pay. The degree is valuable and opens doors, but it also depends what you want to do with it.
  8. PediatricRNTX

    Faculty and Professors not teaching?

    Recently I've seen several job posts for Academic Coaches, Teaching Assistants, Education Specialists and the jobs are basically teaching the online courses for the faculty/professor with the PHd. These jobs require master degrees and pay fairly low. Why are these jobs becoming so common? What are faculty doing? Research? I'm just trying to understand. I literally read a job post saying "update the and coach faculty how to coach and mentor student on their performance." What!? It is almost like they want the PHd as the face of the college, and all the others doing the work behind the scenes. Anyone in Academia have any info on this?
  9. PediatricRNTX


    from my experience in texas, hospital educators make significant more than faculty. I literally got a 25k raise from leaving academia to hospital education. Academia in texas, you mostly need a PHD for growth. ballpark:55-70k (depending on term and rank and hospital is 65-100k. This us based off personal experience and looking at glassdoor salaries.
  10. PediatricRNTX

    Retuximab administration help

    Our floor is not a chemo floor, but we often get renal kids needing retuximab. Per my research and collaboration with other units and chemo experts, this us not technically a chemo and can be administered w standard PPE and precautions. Is this consistent with what others are doing? Maybe this is the wrong thread, cause we give for nononcological uses. Either way, is it cytotoxic and is there a need for chemo precautions? Any advice would be helpful.
  11. PediatricRNTX

    Clarifying rules and job duties

    That is helpful. Thank you so much.
  12. PediatricRNTX

    Clarifying rules and job duties

    Can you be a CRC without being an assistant first?
  13. PediatricRNTX

    Clarifying rules and job duties

    I am highly interested in switching over from nursing education to research. Lately several positions have come up at my job and I wanted to get more info on what the differences are. The job titles are Clinical Research Assistant and Clinical Researcher Coordinator? Ia there a difference and are these roles usually nurses? The descriptions were the same and neither said an RN. Any info would be helpful .
  14. PediatricRNTX

    Going management: Pros and Cons

    pros: money, flexibility, feeling of accomplishment cons: people complain about EVERYTHING and are rarely happy. its thankless. You have no friends.
  15. PediatricRNTX

    New to Lesdership: rant

    As a fairly new leader, I am struggling. To give some background info, leadership at my job are required and expected to be pulled into staffing (bedside nursing) when needed. After my long 12 hour shifts, I start to question everything. I'm exhausted, the nurses are running crazy at the bedside, they hardly have time to eat or drink......meanwhile I sit in an office and push out initiative after initiative. I realize as the staff nurse, the furthest thing from my mind is the new sepsis plans, the new dvt screen, the latest charting requirement....etc. I almost feel bad asking for more and pushing for more (hospital initiatives, quality goals...etc) when they are so busy. Then considerations to increase patient to nurse ratio, take away free charge and give them 2 patients are on the table. I just feel bad. Especially when I get a first hand taste of what it is like on the front lines. I'm typing this after an exhausting 12 hours on the floor spent with my head spinning and my feet running. Thanks for hearing my rant, but really, are these valid thought and concerns? I have thought of leaving my position over this struggle. How do I support staff while meeting the hospital goals and initiatives? I recognize staff arent always going to be happy and can always find stuff to complain about, but the demands are getting out of hand.
  16. PediatricRNTX

    Teaching In ADN Program

    I have been wanting to post something similar for a long while. I have so much respect for all nurses and I recognize every journey is different, but I am starting to not see a purpose in an ADN program. I have watched literally every hospital in the vicinity (large city and surroundings) change their requirements to BSN only. This includes the small suburban hospitals that in the past few years were accepting ADNs. I have first hand watched the ADN programs lose clinical sites because they won't hire the students anyway. The students are very discouraged and end up working home health ior clinics, or having to uproot and move. I feel horrible for them, which leads me to the same ethical questions you bring up. Why would I teach ADN students? Even the bridge programs are competitive and that makes schooling so long they could essentially obtain a master's degree. I taught LVNs and it was fine. They all got jobs and we were clear it would be clinic, nursing home, or home health. It was a great entry into nursing education.

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