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NurseKnope BSN, MSN, RN

ICU, Med-Surg, Neuro, Education
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NurseKnope has 8 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ICU, Med-Surg, Neuro, Education.

Full time nursing instructor, part time critical care nurse

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  1. NurseKnope

    COVID - Cancelled clinicals

    My school has decided to extend Spring break and move to online format after that because of the covid pandemic. Our clinicals have been cancelled as well, so we are to create "clinical" activities for students to complete at home in their place. These are activities that should take the students a number of hours to "make up" their clinical time they are missing and hopefully spur some critical thinking. These can be case studies, NCLEX questions where they answer the question and provide rationale, matching of diseases and signature symptoms with follow up definitions, etc. What do you guys do at your schools when you have to miss clinical days?
  2. NurseKnope

    Professor working as a staff nurse on the side

    I'm a full time instructor and still work part time at the bedside. I could easily work 4 shifts a month, if I wanted to, even more when I think about how many breaks we have (Spring break, easter, Summer, fall break, Winter, etc.). The burnout in academia is so much less for me that I'm not as tired on my days off and can therefore work back at the bedside (when I'm feeling froggy ). Since you'll be online, it shouldn't be too difficult. Prior to the students starting, you should already have a plan for the semester so you can begin early on getting prepped. For the next semester, it will be even easier because you should have most of your materials prepared (assuming you're teaching the same courses).
  3. NurseKnope

    Lecture Materials

    I'm not really sure and no one has been able to tell me, other than to say they feel like the students may not pay as much attention because they already have all the notes they need. It really is pointless, however, because our topics come straight out of their textbooks so there's really no information on the slides that couldn't be found in the book (if they would crack them open).
  4. NurseKnope

    Lecture Materials

    Hi guys! I'm a fairly new nursing instructor and still learning the best way to do a traditional lecture that students can learn from. I was wondering what everyone else's lecture style is like, including if you post notes or hand outs for students to follow along with. Currently I lecture using powerpoint. Our institution does not want us to post our powerpoint slides for the students to have, so many instructors have posted what is basically their powerpoint sides in word format with blanks here and there for students to fill in. I've done this before, but I was wondering if there was something else someone may be doing that their students enjoy. Thanks in advance!
  5. NurseKnope

    CNA/PCA Duties on Your Units

    Thanks for the input!!
  6. NurseKnope

    Neuro = dumping ground for "difficult" pts?

    Sorry you are having such a hard time! I've been working in neurology for about 3 years now. Medical, surgical, trauma, spinal injuries, ICU, I've done it all and I can tell you it is not for the faint of heart! Sometimes it feels like people confuse neuro for psych, but on our unit it's more manageable because we have a 4:1 on days and 5:1 ratio on nights. It still gets crazy, but there's nothing like a success story. The recovered stroke patients are the sweetest thing. And for the really confused ones? Four point restraints: HALLELUJAH!
  7. NurseKnope

    CNA/PCA Duties on Your Units

    Hello all! First time poster to the main forums so let me know if this post should be in a different place! I am a new nurse manager (just finished up first month) on a neuro/med-surg overflow unit. Coming in to this new role I am seeing there is a MAJOR deficit with our PCAs and their duties and it seems they haven't been held accountable in the past. I'm skeptical that baths are being done, rooms are always left a mess, supplies in the rooms are always low, patients' trays are often left in rooms for HOURS after meal times, and water jugs are never filled. Not to mention, I was doing some chart audits today (just for fun) and realized none of the CNAs chart anything except I's and O's. So, my question is, how are CNAs held accountable for their duties on everyone's units? Do you keep a bath log? A daily CNA checklist? Our hospital has done away with in room rounding sheets in the last year or so, so I doubt I could use that. I tried checking for similar questions first, and couldn't find any, so please point me in the right direction! Any opinions/ideas are welcomed.

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