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NurseKnope has 9 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ICU, Med-Surg, Neuro, Education.

Full time nursing instructor, part time critical care nurse

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    Sorry if this has been posted before, I tried searching but couldn't find anything. I'm having some confusion over CPAP and BIPAP, specifically in regards to ordering and ventilation. On our ventilated patients, if they are on CPAP trial they are generally on something like 5/5. If we have to increase them to 8/5 is this now considered "bipap?" Our vents do not ever said "bipap" on them, only cpap for the mode. Does this have to do with the invasive nature of this ventilation? Is NIV CPAP always the same epap and ipap setting? I may be having some confusion because I've only ever learned on one type of NIV machine or vent machine at our hospital. Can someone still be using CPAP mode but with setting of 10/8 for example? Sorry if this is confusing!! I understand continuous pressure vs biphasic. Just confused about settings and ordering
  2. NurseKnope

    A fib RVR vs SVT

    Sorry if this has been asked a lot, I’ve tried searching but couldn’t find anything. I’m having a hard time differentiating between a fib with rvr and svt. Is a fib always considered rvr if the rate is greater than 100? Does it become svt if the rate is greater than 150? I may be splitting hairs. I understand causes and treatments but just don’t know these nuances. If anyone has any resources that would be appreciated. Dr Google has not been helpful and none of my textbooks/ekg books go into this much detail.
  3. NurseKnope

    MSN in nursing education or informatics

    Advice in terms of what?
  4. NurseKnope

    AGACNP Residency?

    Ahh yes "fellowship" does sound a lot more NPish. Thanks for sharing that list! As I suspected, my state doesn't have any fellowship programs, but this definitely gives me something to go on!
  5. NurseKnope

    AGACNP Residency?

    I'm learning about residencies for NPs after graduation. Has anyone been through one? Did you think it was worth it? I don't have any in my geographical area, so would it be worth it to travel to another state for one? Are they paid or more like unpaid internships/further course studies? I'm a current NP student going into AGACNP studies. This subspecialty of NP is not as common as FNP in my area, so I'm not worried about finding a job per se, but I would like to learn as much as I can. Cross posted to NP student forum
  6. NurseKnope

    AGACNP Residency?

    I've seen a few posts about residencies post graduation, and I had no idea those existed but I am very interested now! Is anyone thinking of doing one or has gone through one? What was your experience like and would you recommend? There are none in my geographical area so would it be worth it to move out of state for one? Cross posting to NP forum.
  7. NurseKnope

    No employment without "real" school!?

    Are you trying to apply for a DNP degree or a post master's MSN? I am currently enrolled in an ACNP post master's MSN with my first MSN being in nurse ED. I received credit for the classes I'd already taken (I was required to take the 3 P's for both degrees - patho, physical assessment, and pharm - and was given credit for these this time around since I'd already done them for MSNed, as well as some other random healthcare quality/nursing informatics type courses). I don't know about going straight into a DNP program with your current MSN. The DNP was not an option for me with MSNed because it wasn't a "practice" degree. The terminal equivalent was the PhD for MSNed. As for online vs brick and mortar, there are a lot of posts here about people doing NP degrees online, and I think a lot of the problems people have is finding preceptors and also making sure the school is kosher for whatever state's boards you'll have to sit for.
  8. NurseKnope

    Clinicals for FALL

    Is there any plan for if a second wave comes in October? Here we are concerned they may close hospitals to students again when there is another wave (though it seems we never left the first one 🙄). We are trying to decide between doubling up on clinicals, using weekend time, front loading clinicals, etc.
  9. NurseKnope

    Clinicals for FALL

    Here we are again!! It's planning time for fall. With all the COVID stuff going on, what are nursing programs in your areas doing for hands-on clinical experiences? Are hospitals still allowing students in your areas? Are schools allowing students to have in person rotations? Are you doing online simulations/case studies/projects?
  10. NurseKnope

    Prescription "cookbooks?"

    I've had a few NP instructors tell me in the past they have "cookbooks" they like to carry with them - pharmacology books they've found helpful when they are prescribing a medication they don't prescribe super often as a refresher to know the correct dosage, frequency, etc. Does anyone have any knowledge of this or have a special "cookbook" they like/use? I'm starting post MSN NP program in August and am interested in any pharmacology books that are helpful in the clinical setting!
  11. NurseKnope

    COVID - Cancelled clinicals

    My school has decided to extend Spring break and move to online format after that because of the covid pandemic. Our clinicals have been cancelled as well, so we are to create "clinical" activities for students to complete at home in their place. These are activities that should take the students a number of hours to "make up" their clinical time they are missing and hopefully spur some critical thinking. These can be case studies, NCLEX questions where they answer the question and provide rationale, matching of diseases and signature symptoms with follow up definitions, etc. What do you guys do at your schools when you have to miss clinical days?
  12. NurseKnope

    Lecture Materials

    Hi guys! I'm a fairly new nursing instructor and still learning the best way to do a traditional lecture that students can learn from. I was wondering what everyone else's lecture style is like, including if you post notes or hand outs for students to follow along with. Currently I lecture using powerpoint. Our institution does not want us to post our powerpoint slides for the students to have, so many instructors have posted what is basically their powerpoint sides in word format with blanks here and there for students to fill in. I've done this before, but I was wondering if there was something else someone may be doing that their students enjoy. Thanks in advance!
  13. NurseKnope

    CNA/PCA Duties on Your Units

    Thanks for the input!!
  14. NurseKnope

    Neuro = dumping ground for "difficult" pts?

    Sorry you are having such a hard time! I've been working in neurology for about 3 years now. Medical, surgical, trauma, spinal injuries, ICU, I've done it all and I can tell you it is not for the faint of heart! Sometimes it feels like people confuse neuro for psych, but on our unit it's more manageable because we have a 4:1 on days and 5:1 ratio on nights. It still gets crazy, but there's nothing like a success story. The recovered stroke patients are the sweetest thing. And for the really confused ones? Four point restraints: HALLELUJAH!
  15. NurseKnope

    CNA/PCA Duties on Your Units

    Hello all! First time poster to the main forums so let me know if this post should be in a different place! I am a new nurse manager (just finished up first month) on a neuro/med-surg overflow unit. Coming in to this new role I am seeing there is a MAJOR deficit with our PCAs and their duties and it seems they haven't been held accountable in the past. I'm skeptical that baths are being done, rooms are always left a mess, supplies in the rooms are always low, patients' trays are often left in rooms for HOURS after meal times, and water jugs are never filled. Not to mention, I was doing some chart audits today (just for fun) and realized none of the CNAs chart anything except I's and O's. So, my question is, how are CNAs held accountable for their duties on everyone's units? Do you keep a bath log? A daily CNA checklist? Our hospital has done away with in room rounding sheets in the last year or so, so I doubt I could use that. I tried checking for similar questions first, and couldn't find any, so please point me in the right direction! Any opinions/ideas are welcomed.