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Ok I have to rant and I know some of you feel me! I am BEYOND sick and tired of being taken advantage of by my pedi parents. They just flat out don't take care of thier child and expect you to do... Read More

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    Quote from ventmommy
    I have been on this forum for YEARS and this is the worst attitude that I have seen on here. This is the family's child. The family has the right to discharge a nurse from their home for almost any reason. It could be for patient care issues, not following the parent's schedule, not following agency rules, not following house rules, or having a crappy attitude. The family decides how much the nurse can and can't do and that often changes as the family feels more comfortable with that particular nurse.

    I had nurses that were minimally competent and I barely felt comfortable taking a shower and I had amazing nurses that I didn't worry about at all.

    You need to realize that whether or not the parent has had any previous health care experience, the parent is the expert on their child. Most parents don't want nursing but they NEED it so they can sleep or work or just take a poop for 5 minutes without worrying about a major desat or a heart rate bradying down or a seizure.
    I am pretty sure that is not true.

    It is the state board of nursing that determines what the nurse can and cannot do.

    For example,I had a family that tried to make me give a OTC med that was not prescribed for the patient. Told them over and over I could not do that but they were welcome to.
    I also told them I would not take a vented/trach/NGT child outside for a walk without a Doctor's orders.

    But you seem like a reasonable and awesome parent from your posts!

    I think some of the frustration on here is due to some of the bad apples out there,which lately there seems to be a lot more of now.

    I do not know what has changed,but things were so different when i started out 10 years ago as an LPN.

    Like some parents will watch you struggle to place their 100 pound child into a wheelchair without offering any help.

    I think it is expected that the parents will help out somewhat with the nurses.

    The only time I need help is with transfers,and with some families it is like pulling teeth.
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    Quote from Orion81
    I felt I was making a huge difference in the mother's life simply by giving her a break. It was an honor to provide respite.
    I work private duty as my extra $$ side job - I will admit on a few cases I have felt like a high paid babysitter & have wondered how the child/family were even eligible for PDN care when the family could easily do it themselves (child not high level of care) without much stress. My current case I totally feel I am there for reason if nothing else to make a difference in their life - to give them a break for 9 hours.