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lovelane78 has 3 years experience and specializes in Hospice, Adult and Pediatric Home Health.

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  1. lovelane78

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    Yes, pretty much. U have a shift and your pt is total care during that time. Beware, sometimes the families make it hard
  2. lovelane78

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    "Sometimes I wonder if these parents with special needs kids weren't meant to be parents but our medical technology saved the kid." EXACTLY! After working with some of these kids who have no quality of life and never will AND the parents knew early in the pregnancy that there were severe issues, I have changed my stance in abortion. These kiddos are suffering because the parents were selfish, and now hate taking care of thier own child ....sorry but true.
  3. lovelane78

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    It is my job...however you are the type of parent I DO respect and like to work for. My pt. has 16 hours nursing per day. Her mom NEVER cares for her child...but takes her Ambien at night so when she cries (during the 8 hours she doesn't have a nurse) she doesn't have to be disturbed...my other pt. also has 16 hrs nursing per day. Mom could do without child but has others to care for her during the day and evening. At night she ignores child then gets ****** if her diaper is full in the morning. Another mom drinks all day and night while nurses care for her son. No, I don't have a special needs child but I sure as hell would take care of him because that's my responsibility. The excuses are BS. It disgusts me.
  4. lovelane78

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    These patients have 16 plus hours of nursing a day. The parents just are so accustomed to not having to care for thier special needs child. I have patients whose parents are working all day then take over care when they get home, but most parents just act like they have free babysitting. Dealing with the families of patients is what makes nursing so stressful. I've lost hope in compassion of human kind since becoming a nurse.
  5. Ok I have to rant and I know some of you feel me! I am BEYOND sick and tired of being taken advantage of by my pedi parents. They just flat out don't take care of thier child and expect you to do everything. And WHY am I here taking care of your child when you and your husband are here just lounging around the house, running errands, and going out to eat? Why am I here if YOU are here? You come in every few hours to see how your child is doing and then out the door u go! Why am I here stuck sitting in a small room for 8 to 10 hours while mom is at work and dad is sitting in the recliner ALL day playing XBOX? Why are you throwing a damn fit when I call you an hour before my shift and tell you my daughter is very sick and I have to cancel my shift...because you are going to be home all day but now you can't go to your yoga class and meet a friend for lunch. OMG, you have to take care of your own child! What a horrible thing it must be not to have a nurse there to be a parent so you don't have to! UuuuuGgghhhhh these parents are ruining my desire to do private care. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD!
  6. I am currently working as a private duty LVN. I make decent money but no benefits, vacay, sick time, etc. I am 35 and burnt out on nursing in general. At my age I just need to go back to school and get my RN and so on. I hate hospital nursing with a passion and I really don't have the burning desire inside to be a nurse anymore. WELL...I was just offered an opportunity to go to work with a top healthcare recruiting company here in Dallas. My neighbor referred me and I was able to get my foot in the door. I would be working as a medical recruiter with a base pay but with commission the average 1st year is about 50,000 - 60,000. My neighbor is in her 2nd year and makes 70,000. I am totally thinking a career change to this field would be good for me. I could very well be making 6 figures in 5 years from now. This is a big decision for me and would just love some input from you other nurses out there!
  7. lovelane78

    Surveillance cameras in pedi patient's home?

    Nope...the cameras are filming two entire rooms. It just is an invasion of privacy.
  8. I have been working this case for my 8 year-old private care patient for a few years. Her other two nurses have been there longer than me. We are considered family by her parents and they are very demanding about her care for understandable reasons. Today we were informed that they were getting a new security system installed and they decided to put video cameras in her bedroom and living/nurses area. They can watch us at any time they choose remotely. I have nothing to hide but the idea is bothering me quite a bit and I'm not real sure why. The other nurse is bothered as well. Any opinions?
  9. lovelane78

    Bridge programs in Southern OK- no prereqs?

    Commuter- thank you so much for the helpful info!! Where did you hear about Concorde?? I was just curious because I graduated there with my lvn and I am on a mailing list to be contacted if they begin a bridge program there. I called and they said no. Also- what do you know about Galen? I have never heard of it.
  10. lovelane78

    Bridge programs in Southern OK- no prereqs?

    Which Concorde location? Arlington told me they are not. Do the DFW students drive every day to OKC or stay there during the week? Are the classes just a few days a week? Thanks!!!
  11. Someone please help me. I live in Denton, TX and wanting to bridge from my lvn to rn. Texas has no private tech schools for rn, only lvn. I know Platt in Tulsa and OKC have the bridge but does the Lawton campus? I cant seem to get the info over the internet. Any other's somewhat close to the border that I am not aware of? I got my LVN at Concord Career Institute in Dallas and no prereqs- was more expensive but worth it.
  12. lovelane78

    Concorde Arlington, Texas work/school

    Concorde Arlington gave me the skills to become a Licensed Nurse in State of Texas 2 years-ago. I was in a dead-end career as a CNA, newly divorced, single mother and I needed a change asap. I didnt have the time to complete my pre-reqs, and then try to get into a nursing program somewhere. I had to work full-time but I needed to go back to school. Concorde had an evening program that lasted for 18 months and cost me around 20,000.00. I pd the pretty penny for the convienence of starting the nursing program asap, no waiting lists, or fierce competition against hundereds of other applicants...AND I was able to keep my job and continue to BARELY support myself and my dtr. It was worth the money- I would not have been able to go to Nursing school had it not been for Concorde. It was a busy 18 months, but sooooooo worth it. I am now finishing my prereqs for a bridge program. Granted, there were some pretty questionable people in my class, but those were weeded out pretty early on. It is nursing school after all- the material is hard and requires brains and intellect. Now, just 2 years later and a pesky lil' student loan, I am making great money as a home-health lvn. I make more than my sister, who got her rn license last year, and she works full-time at Harris Methodist on a floor. I decided not to go work in a nursing home (where lvn's tend to make around 20.00 per hour) and get my feet in the door with Home Health. I work for 2 companies- averages out to 40 hr per week- give or take, and I am bringing home 1000.00 per week easy. I felt a little put off by some of the comments that were made here. I feel while some people are still trying to get in a program at a CC and turning thier noses up at Concorde, I am graduated, licensed, and making great money. Trust me- Concorde is a great school and well worth the money. It can save years off your nursing education.

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