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lovelane78 has 3 years experience and specializes in Hospice, Adult and Pediatric Home Health.

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  1. Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    Yes, pretty much. U have a shift and your pt is total care during that time. Beware, sometimes the families make it hard
  2. Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    "Sometimes I wonder if these parents with special needs kids weren't meant to be parents but our medical technology saved the kid." EXACTLY! After working with some of these kids who have no quality of life and never will AND the parents knew early i...
  3. Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    It is my job...however you are the type of parent I DO respect and like to work for. My pt. has 16 hours nursing per day. Her mom NEVER cares for her child...but takes her Ambien at night so when she cries (during the 8 hours she doesn't have a nurse...
  4. Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    These patients have 16 plus hours of nursing a day. The parents just are so accustomed to not having to care for thier special needs child. I have patients whose parents are working all day then take over care when they get home, but most parents jus...
  5. Ok I have to rant and I know some of you feel me! I am BEYOND sick and tired of being taken advantage of by my pedi parents. They just flat out don't take care of thier child and expect you to do everything. And WHY am I here taking care of your chil...
  6. I am currently working as a private duty LVN. I make decent money but no benefits, vacay, sick time, etc. I am 35 and burnt out on nursing in general. At my age I just need to go back to school and get my RN and so on. I hate hospital nursing with a ...
  7. Surveillance cameras in pedi patient's home?

    Nope...the cameras are filming two entire rooms. It just is an invasion of privacy.
  8. I have been working this case for my 8 year-old private care patient for a few years. Her other two nurses have been there longer than me. We are considered family by her parents and they are very demanding about her care for understandable reasons. ...
  9. :yeah:Hi everyone!! I am going to be attending the bridge program at Platt College in OKC next year. I ALREADY have read all the negative threads about this program so I have to say I have decided on this school for my own reasons. My reason for this...
  10. Bridge programs in Southern OK- no prereqs?

    Commuter- thank you so much for the helpful info!! Where did you hear about Concorde?? I was just curious because I graduated there with my lvn and I am on a mailing list to be contacted if they begin a bridge program there. I called and they said no...
  11. Bridge programs in Southern OK- no prereqs?

    Which Concorde location? Arlington told me they are not. Do the DFW students drive every day to OKC or stay there during the week? Are the classes just a few days a week? Thanks!!!
  12. Someone please help me. I live in Denton, TX and wanting to bridge from my lvn to rn. Texas has no private tech schools for rn, only lvn. I know Platt in Tulsa and OKC have the bridge but does the Lawton campus? I cant seem to get the info over the i...
  13. Concorde Arlington, Texas work/school

    Concorde Arlington gave me the skills to become a Licensed Nurse in State of Texas 2 years-ago. I was in a dead-end career as a CNA, newly divorced, single mother and I needed a change asap. I didnt have the time to complete my pre-reqs, and then try...