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  1. oldnurse28

    Possible error in judgement?

  2. oldnurse28

    Rates for Agency LPN in Texas

    In Houston it depends on the agency. I reached out to several nurses I know who work for multiple agencies. Aveanna (prev Aepic) pays decent now but I actually applied there last year right after aveanna took over and walked out when they wanted me to take $17-21. Thrive is another lowball. One nurse told me they pay her 19 for a GB. I Spoke to a recruiter and he wouldn't confirm or deny that was their rate so I declined the interview. I don't want to waste their time or mine. Honestly for the crap we deal with in private duty we don't make NEARLY enough. I am thinking of leaving and going into a whole other branch of nursing.
  3. oldnurse28

    Exit interview survey, tell the truth, lie or ignore

    Nope. They really don't want to know. They SAY they do but we all know it's easier for them to ignore the problems than actually deal with them. I worked for a company that realized they were having some issues. Corporate began sending out a survey question weekly. I talked with my manager about it briefly and she encouraged me to be honest in my experiences. I did. Next thing you know I am most definitely being retaliated against. It isn't anything that is obvious but clearly it is what occurred. I ended up quitting and going elsewhere. I still got those stupid surveys for a month after leaving, I did tell them what happened when I completed the survey honestly and that the retaliation cost them a good employee. And asked them to remove me from the email list. Never again. Let them figure it out. I don't do exit surveys or interviews. Why would I waste my time on that. Once you are leaving they really can't force you to do anything no less any kind of surveys or job reviews. When you lose a number of people in a short time there is a problem somewhere inhouse...It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out!
  4. oldnurse28

    HIPAA and court orders and custody oh my!

    This is incorrect. Married spouses is different than parents of a minor child. Think of it this way...what if non custodial dad brings kid for an emergency visit. Kid is a new pt. Dad fills out the hippa form and leaves custodial mother off but puts HIS parents on it. You do not have the right to say oh dad filled out the form so mom can't have any info about her child that she has custody of. It is a piece of paper. WHO fills it out matters. I personally think it is ridiculous for parents to expect their Dr's office to be involved in their lack of communication and know who is married still, who has custody and who does not.
  5. oldnurse28

    Why of why.....can nobody actually show up on time?

    This is my pet peeve, I show up on time every single shift. I am rarely late BUT when I am it's like 3-5 min. I hate it when my relief nurses show up late. I mean hey, I am tired. I want to go home and you do ing late and thinking it is okay to sign in at your regular time takes money out of my pocket and that is unacceptable. Show up ON TIME!!!
  6. oldnurse28


    I have had more than a few parents suggest I leave early but they will just sign me out at my regular time. I say no, of course but I understand why they suggest it. These are what I hear. They want some time in their homes with their children and not have a stranger under foot and don't want to negatively impact their nurses income by calling them off early. They know if they don't use their hours there is a good chance they will lose them. Many say they are just making sure their nurse gets paid for all the times they stayed late to complete care and didn't put their extra 7-15 minutes on their timesheets because their client didn't have any extra hours to cover that at all. It still doesn't make it right or okay but I do see how parents feel they are not hurting any one by suggesting it. But they aren't taking the risk. The nurse is. False documentation, Medicaid fraud good I bet there is a litany of other charges that could be brought. Is that $7-20 worth your license..,or your integrity?!
  7. oldnurse28

    Reported for this?

    I can tell you first hand parents will not let you make your own batches of formula when they have it ready in the fridge and have a limited supply that must be used within so many hours. I do not think the OP is at fault. In an ideal setting this would not have happened but home health is not an ideal setting. Parents go rogue all the time and they purposefully hide things from their nurses as well. They don't really understand that when we find out we could lose our licenses just over the fact we were not I formed. This really isn't fair.
  8. oldnurse28

    Craziest PDN/PDN Venting Thread

    I think most if not all the parents are riding the crazy train. I get it I really do. I think seeing your baby go through so much kinda breaks them inside a little. I have worked with maybe 2 parents out of about 16 that I would consider typical. I have had a couple that were off their gourds entirely. One had PPD after and we really thought she was going to kill her husband and another was completely nuts, anytime you didn't do what she wanted or disagreed with what she said she would call you off as punishment. I stayed on that case WAY to long. Now I won't go back if someone calls me off unnecessarily. That's my money. I don't let parents play with it like that.
  9. oldnurse28

    Craziest PDN/PDN Venting Thread

    THIS!!! There is a running joke about the fact the parents never address anything. We find out they don't want us to use, touch etc something when we go back and it has mysteriously disappeared. It can be a sofa pillow, paper towels, baby blankets he'll I even had a table top lamp disappear from a pt room! And when you ask they suddenly have no idea. They really don't handle any type of conflict well.
  10. My current patient is on a real food puree diet. He does get supplements of a prepackaged version when mom doesn't make his foods and I have no problem preparing it for his feeds just like any other formula preparation BUT mom said yesterday "I want to show you how to make his breakfast" so she now expects me to cook and make his purees. I checked my plan of care and it clearly states mom will provide food for meals but how do I talk to mom about this. I am not under any circumstances going to be cooking and now ding these special recipes dietary has this kid on. Mom also has weird thoughts on food safety. She leaves food out all night on the counter and then blends it for this kid, it is veggies with no meat but still...it should be put in the fridge. Any idea how to approach this mom or should I just call my supervisor and ask her to talk to mom about this?
  11. oldnurse28

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    No we don't. Some agencies will pay time and a half for working holidays. Some offer bottom of the barrel insurance, just enough to keep us from being sanctioned come tax time but most of the time it has a 6k deductible or doesn't cover Dr visits outside preventative and forget er visits. So no. We don't make $30 an hour and our benefits are crappy but we love our jobs. We love seeing our patients meet goals and we do our best to give quality care to patients that need us. It is just really hard to do sometimes when we go over our job descriptions and have parents/families treat us badly, talk to us like we are morons and take advantage of us. They think nothing of arriving home late everyday but God forbid we have to arrive late once. I have told a parent you are not my boss, or my employer, I work for my agency. This is however a partnership of me performing set duties spelled out in my job description and you understanding your responsibilities in relation to your nursing care providers. We have to be on the same page or it doesn't work for anyone. I try hard not to judge parents for what they do or don't do while I am caring form their kid but sometimes it is difficult. But I imagine it is hard on them knowing we are always there in their home and I would bet they feel judged.
  12. oldnurse28

    Refusing a case in home care

    I had an agency pull me from my case a week early (I was going from ft to prn only) to force me to have to go work a case an hour away that they couldn't staff and the family liked me...then when I said no gave me crap about having to fulfill my 2 wks notice and I said no you forfeited that when you pulled me a week early and tried to strongman me because you knew I would need the income since you took away a solid week (60hrs!) from me. I never took another case and ignored their calls, emails, texts.
  13. oldnurse28

    Refusing a case in home care

    Schedulers will say and do anything to cover a shift. The whole point of a meet and greet is to seeing you think you will be a good fit and vice versa from the families side. You don't have to take a client you don't feel will be a good fit. I had one get mad because another agency slide in and gave me a perm case before I could even go on their meet and greet but our world is small. I reached out to a few nurses and they told me to stay away from that case because the parents were nuts so I did. Other nurses are a great resource in this business.
  14. oldnurse28

    Do I have the right refuse this client?

    They can't force you to take a client. You have done what you could but have reached your line in the sand. Bed bugs would definitely make me say nope, not going back. Everyone keeps saying there is little private duty work but I am not seeing that in my area. Sure I may not love the drive or love the area of the city bit there are usually other options than staying a case that isn't working for me. I am not really happy at my new clients. The parents are home 24/7 and hover and to me that just makes me think they really don't need care of they are here every minute and just constantly critique our actions. And they have all kinds of weird rules, no pens in the living room. We can't write our notes where the child is. We can't eat in the child's area. We are there for 12 hours! You just feel like you can't touch or even sit on the sofa next to the baby. They are super picky about everything. And now they want me to cook the food for this kids blended diet. Yeah no.
  15. oldnurse28

    How much do you make?

    TX LVN - 3yrs private duty experience -pediatric. Previously a pedi clinic nurse. Agency #1 $22 GB up to 25 for trach/vent Agency 2 Tried to get me to work for $17-21 depending on acuity. I laughed and walked out. Agency 3 $20 GB. $24 trach/vent. Needless to say I don't take GB. Benefits are usually tiered. Free -$20 so for the bottom of the barrel and only meets tax requiremente-barely. Way more expensive plans for crappy coverage. No ER coverage etc can be really expensive. But many agencies are beginning to offer pto, 401k and pd holidays at time and a half. I am contemplating leaving home health to go back to the clinic because the benefits are better. Pay is about the same.
  16. oldnurse28

    Parent/camera nearby...can u read?

    I want to work with you! The fact you KNOW what works for you and what doesn't and spell out those expectations is refreshing. Most parents don't do this. Even more don't really know what they expect or want until you do something they don't like. That's always difficult to deal with.