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  1. NurseCelia

    Going to school with patient

    You could always do it and then when they ask you questions pertaining to if they can do something just say you don’t know. Half the time I would participate just to have something to do but it’s not on you to know if they know how to do certain tasks and yes after working in the classroom with the aids and the teacher I ended up disliking them because they just use the nurse as an excuse to not deal with that student and they act like chickens with their heads cut off and don’t understand priorities with the other students
  2. NurseCelia

    LVN position in corrections interview help

    It went well. The only question that threw me off was “what do you know about our institution?” Which I was absolutely not prepared for otherwise it was really general like can you handle an environment where you have to be on your toes and follow all regulations they wanted to know more if I was able to deal with what was going on in the prisons vs what kind of nursing skills I had. I unfortunately did not get the job but I did get a job as a school nurse and it makes about $10 more an hour than the corrections job did
  3. I have an interview for a LVN position in corrections in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited because I’ve been in home health about 6 months and this is the only other interview I’ve had gotten offered in the last few months but I’m scared because I dont know what to expect. Can anyone who’s a current or former corrections nurse please give me some pointers? What should I study up on? How do I dress to my interview? Thanks!
  4. NurseCelia

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    I really do feel like these hours of nursing are so my patients mother can get a break but she is taking advantage of it because she keeps talking about she needs her respite well my pt is gone from 630-300 M-F is that not enough respite? She told me yesterday that she would need to change my hours from 9-5 since my patient is getting in at around 330 and I’m off at 4. I only have enough time to change her and position her in bed right normally I’d shower her and give her a bolus feeding of her formula which literally takes 45 minutes altogether so I don’t see why she can’t resume care or we can start care as a team. Plus this wouldn’t be an issue if she didn’t rely on the bus to bring her kid home when she goes to the same school to pick up her older son. I let her know I was not okay with those hours I live a little over an hour away and take classes in the fall and explained to her that I would not have enough time to make it to school on that schedule and I’ve built my life around my 8-4pm schedule. During the summer she politely asked if I could do 6 hour shifts instead of 8 because my pt shares a room with her two brothers, they have a small 2 bedroom, and I said yes. So first I’m there too long and now I’m there long enough and I don’t understand. My pt doesn’t require a lot of maintenance she just needs to be watched at all times and has a g tube. Here I am my own CNA and LVN because I do ALL of the care even if the mother was there I would assume total responsibility like seriously I’ve even noticed my pt comes into school on mondays as greasy as a pizza because she doesn’t regularly get showers over the weekend because I’m expected to do it. Her mother is confusing nursing with babysitting and forgetting the hours are for her daughter to remain safe and taken care of not so her mother can forget she has a special needs daughter.
  5. NurseCelia

    Going to school with patient

    I go to school with my pt and I love it because the teacher and the aids are great people to be around. If they were unpleasant I still would like it better because my pts mom is quite unpleasant I’m always trying to get her to leave so she can leave me alone while we are at home. As long as your agency approves and you are willing to do the extra, my patient lives about 15 minutes from her school and I still go home with her after school. The only con is that she is in a class with other special needs kids and the bathroom is constantly occupied and some of the other kids can be alarmingly noisy and annoying but at the end of the day I am the nurse and she is my patient and I don’t butt into classroom affairs I’m just a visitor
  6. NurseCelia

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    I’m a pediatric home health nurse(LPN) in CA. I’ve been on this case about 5 months first just since I got my license and I can tell you I love my job but I do not love dealing with my patients mom. She never has anything positive to say about my performance but she also doesn’t have anything negative to say because I do everything for her. I’ve had to learn how to lift my pt myself in and out of the shower/WC/bed because my pts mom claims she doesn’t have time to do it or help when she does not work. I understand she has other kids and it becomes a lot but she’s also not nice to me. Currently it’s about 100 degrees outside and I’m sitting in my car waiting for my patient to come home on the bus from school when her mother goes to the same school to pick up her son. Last week my medi-CAL person came to speak with my pts mom and I and she(mom) essentially just kept going on about how I’m only at school and in her home for a little bit because her bus gets in late and she needs help showering like really? Okay, I help her do all of that when my pt gets home but sure I don’t ever help and I’m not willing to change my schedule she can go ahead and change me as her nurse but alas in the last 2 years she’s had 5 nurses. Here we get $20.50/hr with crummy benefits that I decided against getting because copays would be 30% for the insurance I can afford($150/week), no holiday pay, no OT and my agency is less than responsive when I need something. I cannot wait to become an RN at least with that title I have more options than SNF or home health.