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  1. spitfire93

    Pediatric patients...parents are KILLING me!

    Sorry to hear about your *** position. I was a manager at a home health care agency and found some of the parents had attitude. I am now with a pediatric patient that I have been with since she was discharged at 5 months old and the family is wonderful to me. Really love my patient and her family too. Don’t settle.
  2. spitfire93

    ICU to Home Dialysis, eek!

    Hi, I have recently started as a home therapies nurse. It is basically an office position with lots of teaching and follow up with clients. We teach hemo or peritoneal dialysis over a course of about 5 weeks or so depending on the client and their support. There is a follow up at their homes but most of the time they are in the clinic for teaching, labs or follow ups. There seems to be a lot of autonomy and collaboration with dietitians, social workers and physicians. There is a push for training in the home and while it is not for all clients I feel it will give some the ability to have more control and freedom. I think I will like the variety.