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Preparing for boards

What is the best way to prepare for boards? Have any of you found success in doing the HURST review to prepare for your boards? Please advise. Thanks! :uhoh3:

I took my boards 12 years ago. I was the second group which tested by computer. I didn't take a review course and those who did told me that it only reinforced what they already knew. The bottom line to this: if you were a good student and the school you went to has a solid track record for student success in their boards, you will likely pass without any problem. Good Luck!


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i didn't do a review course - i set myself a schedule of what i needed to cover and used kaplan book and saunders, and during the last week, focused on weak spots .

the day before; i rested.:zzzzz

different tactics work for different people; i know of two rn's who went through three review courses, as it made them feel less anxious going into the test

best of luck to you.

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From my personal experience, I never studied for boards. It was more like one of those you know it or you don't deals, because the knowledge required to answer the questions was (or should have been) something accumulated through nursing school.

For example, when we were in A&P, I don't know how many times I heard how does knowing this pertain to nursing? or how will we learn what we need to learn when we have to fill our heads with this useless garbage?

So many students rolled their eyes and watched the clock during our Intro. to the Nursing Profession class because the scenarios we had to hear about seemed absurd and in our minds it was just fluff to satisfy state required hours.

When we were toiling away learning dosage calculations I heard students say they knew someone who was a nurse and they never had to figure up calculations. The pharmacy did that and it was right on the bag.

But then, as you will see, one day things started to click and fall into place and you can see how all that "useless" stuff you had to learn fits into the bigger picture. That is what the NCLEX is like, it tests your accumulated knowledge, and the way I saw it that wasn't really something you could cram for in a few weeks.

I know some people will swear by those preparation courses but I didn't use them nor did I buy a Kaplan study guide or any other guide, and I passed the first time with 75 questions.

I used the Saunders review book but didn't take any review courses. I just couldn't fit those expensive review courses into my budget. I took the NCLEX exam as soon as I could after graduating. I passed the first time with 75 questions. As stated above, the NCLEX just isn't a test that you can study for. You either know the basics or you don't. I did tons of questions on the disc that accompanied the book and concentrated on prioritizing. For me, this is what worked. I hope this helps.

I used Saunder comprehenive review for nclexRN. Was my nursing bible. Did all q's on their CD. My best advice would be to try to focus on 2 sources and dont start jumping around from book to book.... I made up my mind to study content from saunders and do kaplan qbank questions to learn strategy. It worked, passed with 75.

Good Luck on your boards. Take it easy!

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I think it is important that you do some sort of review or in the very least, do some practice questions because NCLEX questions are like none you've ever seen before, even if your school tried to model their tests like NCLEX-type questions.

I did Hurst review twice, once a year before graduation and then once more after graduation, a month before NCLEX. You only pay one time and can go as many times as you think you need to. I liked it because the review book you get with the class has condensed material to study, all you need is the overview. It teaches you how to answer questions based on content knowledge using rationale, not testing strategy methods like Kaplan. I think it just depends on what you want to do, if you have the money and want to do Hurst, go for it!!! I loved it, the teachers are hand-picked and very entertaining, it is not a boring review.

Oh and I passed first time with 75 questions also :D

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we start our Hurst review June 23rd, it's required by our program to do a review course so our class picked this one, every class b4 us used Kaplan but we really liked the Hurst people we met during convention so went with them, we should be able to sit boards sometime around the 2nd week of July so I'll have to let you know how it worked for most of us then

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