Pregnancy brain


Anyone who currently is or has been pregnant? I feel like I'm in a fog. It takes me so much longer to complete tasks, process thoughts, etc. I feel like my critical thinking skills are compromised and I'm a liability. I'm so afraid of hurting a patient because my stupid brain is not fully functioning.


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I left my purse all over the place. When I started doing that 9 months after my first kid was born, I knew I was pregnant again.

I never thought I'd hurt anyone, though.

Oh, and Congrats!

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Not pregnant (and never have been) but around that time of the month I'm the same. Hormones make me stupid. Can think, can't focus, lose spatial awareness, drop things, can't remember things. I hate it.

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It gets worse after you have the baby .

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I'm 15 weeks now and generally feel great, but I did feel like I dropped things more often in the first trimester. My husband and I were in a cafe and I was holding a glass bottle of sparkling water. While walking to our table it literally just fell out of my hand and shattered everywhere, as if I had no muscles to grip it. I was staring at my hand like "what just happened???" So bizarre! The waiter was so kind (didn't know I was pregnant obviously) and accommodating, gave me another water for free, that I went to their website and wrote a thank-you to him!

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I would have never believed this until I saw it over an over again.


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39 weeks. Was on my way to work this morning before realizing I forgot to put makeup on! And ditto on dropping things. Although if I'm near any coworkers they won't let me bend over and they pick it up for me!

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It gets worse after you have the baby .

I wondered what was wrong with me!