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  1. Pregnancy brain

    Anyone who currently is or has been pregnant? I feel like I'm in a fog. It takes me so much longer to complete tasks, process thoughts, etc. I feel like my critical thinking skills are compromised and I'm a liability. I'm so afraid of hurting a patie...
  2. I have been a med/surg nurse for about two years and I am afraid I am becoming a mediocre nurse. This is my first job out of nursing school and I had an extensive new grad orientation. I work on a busy floor where I feel like all I do is fetch people...
  3. I am curious to see what other hospitals' policies are regarding hemolytic staph infections and contact isolation. Way back when I was still on orientation I thought that if a preliminary culture came back as hemolytic staph the patient remains on co...
  4. New Back Pain

    I am a brand new nurse, (less than one year!) and I seem to have already injured my back. It started 3 days ago after a shift where I had several patients who required maximum assistance. I don't recall any sudden injury. It came on gradually over se...
  5. Liability Insurance: Employment Type

    The school was looking for a volunteer. It is a private school so they do not have money for a paid position. However, I would not recommend acting as a nurse while in nursing school. I am a licensed RN and am therefore legally qualified to fill this...
  6. Liability Insurance: Employment Type

    Greetings! I am volunteering as a school nurse (private school system). I am looking to get liability insurance. When filling out "employment type," all policies that I can find only offer the options of employed (with a W2), self-employed (with a 10...