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Greetings! I am volunteering as a school nurse (private school system). I am looking to get . When filling out "employment type," all policies that I can find only offer the options of employed (with a W2), self-employed (with a 1099), or student. I am none of these, and I don't fill out any tax forms. What should I choose? Does anyone know of an insurance carrier that offers volunteer as an option?


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I carry NSO and have since nursing school (many years ago). Your best bet is to call and speak with an agent. I some states, is you are a nurse, working or volunteer, you still need coverage. The Good Samaritan Act, will not necessarily cover you. If you still have a license then you can be held accountable.

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I am hoping to volunteer for a school nurse while I am in nursing school, to get my foot in the door to become a school nurse. What did you do to obtain a volunteer position? Were they looking for a volunteer?


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The school was looking for a volunteer. It is a private school so they do not have money for a paid position. However, I would not recommend acting as a nurse while in nursing school. I am a licensed RN and am therefore legally qualified to fill this role.

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I'd suggest you buy medical immediately NSO and do not under any circumstances be the only "nurse" in there especially as student because if something goes wrong people expect a full fledged nurse there able and trained ot handle the situation. As a student I volunteered as a nursing student capacity and made sure that there was a licensed RN or LPN on the premises for me to call, page and consult on . Either way she was the FT staff there and I the volunteer. To function outside your role aka as student nurse you can be kicked out of school and possibly barred from taking the license exam. Anyways don't buy into the pitch of oh there's no money for nurse and they just need someone to give out tylenol, bandaids .. the minuet something happens you will have parents suing the school, you and anyone who had any contact with their precious child.