so what pre reqs have you taken? And how did you find them to be?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I just got into my schools Nursing Program but I have been attending this school for a few years. I figure do all the pre reqs before even applying and thats what I did. I didnt even talk to a counseler I just took a bunch of classes, some ended up being not necesary. But, I love college and generally enjoyed evey class I took.

Anyway, heres what I took:

Biology -great class, learned a lot.

Micro Bio -fun class, worked with scopes, and growing cultures (my school is geared towards health science so we only studied pathogens)

A&P1 -great class, learned a lot (a little too much), lots of studying, reading, and lab work. This class took up a great deal of study time.

A&P2 -great class, similar to1 but less work/study involved. We did get cadavers which were fun.

Chem1-easy class, highschool chemistry

English 111 -fun class. Teacher was laid back.

English 112 -fun class. Teacher was OK, students were cool.

Psychology1 -fun class, it was comprehensive and for some reason we had to learn the anatomy of the eye

Psychology2 -good class, studied the major players of modern psychology

Abnormal Psych- great class! Teacher was really good, we had to do fun assigments (make a commerical that displayed some psychosis)

Child Psych -easy class

Sociology - fun class, really good teacher had crazy stories.

Social Ethics (Philosophy)- I loved this class (I love all philosophy) but all the other students hated it.

Orientation to Healthcare - one of the worst classes. Everyone was a total noob. One girl did a report and she kept saying, Chicken Pops, I couldnt hep but laugh. Teacher was a physical therapist assitant and she would talk **** about RNs.

Medical Terminology - Worst class. Teacher was really boring, and we needed to memorize about 1000 flashcards.

Physical Anthropology -great class, tough class, lots of memorization. Very interesting subject matter (early homonids)

Observational Astronomy -great, fun class. We got to take a pic of the Moon with an 8in scope-pretty cool in a geeky way.

Algebra1 -fun class, teacher was a mad scientist type, extremely smart, geeky as hell but really funny and nice. I remember it was raining out and he offered to escort everyone to thier next class under his umbrella

Nursing Math-utter waste of time

Computer Competancy -useless

Photography-fun but does not pertain to nursing

I ended up with a 3.8 GPA

Anyway I think thats it. How about you guys?

Are you attending an ADN or BSN program? You took quite a few prereqs! I reviewed the requirements for the programs I'm most interested in and enrolled in every class that overlapped, as well as a couple individual (ie: nutrition for one program, med term for another). I'm planning on applying to a few ADN programs in the spring and have taken:

A&P I & II. I loved these classes. The first professor was a nightmare though, and we lost 70% of the class and only one A from those left. Her exams were based on choosing 8 of 15 essays, she required a weekly paper on a historical figure in the field, and there were numerous 10+ page lab reports and case studies. She also required us to pretty much know the entire text in depth and be very strong in chemistry. She spent a lot of time on neurophysiology, which I absolutely loved.

Microbiology - this is my last prereq and I'm currently taking it. Love the material; the professor's a little out there though!

Eng Comp I & II

Sociology - CLEP

Psychology - CLEP

Developmental Psych - Fun class.

Nutrition - Easy class, but I can see how someone who's not up to speed in chem could have some trouble, depending on the Prof.

Medical Terminology - Very easy class, but clearly useful.

Algebra - It's been a long time since highschool and since I plan to take at least precalc & statistics at some point, I thought it'd be best to have a refresher. I'm glad I did, because everything came right back but I wouldn't have wanted to move into higher math without making sure I was solid here. Looooved the teacher in this class too! Funny, funny guy.

I have a 4.0 and I'm still nervous about getting in! My number one program choice lets you sit for the LPN NCLEX after 3 semesters, and bridges you to RN after another 2 semesters and is overwhelmed with qualified applicants.

I haven't taken any chem, but that's because I'd like to eventually go on to a MSN and don't want my chems to age out. I plan to work for a couple of years before deciding which path I want to take (NP, CRNA, education... too many choices!). I'll have to take Gen Chem I & II to get into a BSN program so I want to take those my last year of the RN program and then plan to take Organic as well. I took 2 years of chem in high school, as well as Biochem, physics, etc so I hope the classes will still be familiar. I'm planning on CLEPing a few of the other BSN history, philosophy and literature pre-reqs. I'll probably end up taking a year of foreign language though. It's a windy road once it's all mapped out, isn't it?

general bio - great class, great instructor, mostly memorization and not a whole lot of stuff that i haven't used yet in other classes. it was a good class to get my feet wet in science though. my previous degree was business.

anatomy - loved this instructor, lots of memorization (muscles and bones) we worked on cats, that was pretty nasty. it was the fur that got to me.

nutrition - interesting class with a very nice instructor, extremely easy, no book or studying needed.

government - somehow i made it through my bs degree without needing this class. hated it! instructor was an idiot. more intersted in us agreeing with his ideals than teaching the material and letting us decide what we believe.

history from 1886 to present - boring and an utter waste of time, online class

physiology - worst class i've taken to date. instructor was awful, covered the entire 26 chaper (1000 pages) book in 15 weeks. impossible. didn't learn a single thing. i spent 30 hours a week on this class just struggling to make the grade, not to learn.

dosage calculation - this entire class could have been covered in a 4 hour seminar instead of a 16 week course. soooooo easy, nice instructor.

computer applications - total waste of my time. couldn't i have just taken a proficiency test? ugh. it's pretty irritating at the classes that you have to take for really no reason just because the university "requires" it.

made an a in everything except physiology, got a b in that one.

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Before starting these classes I had been out of school for 8 years. Hoping to be accepted into an ADN program for Fall 2012

So far...

English Comp - easy and boring, though did enjoy getting back into writing papers

Intermediate Algebra - Loved it! There's nothing better than doing out a ridiculously long problem that looks like gibberish and getting it right!

Sociology - kinda interesting, professor wasn't all that great

Psychology - very cool

Biology - barely a step up from the advanced bio I took in high school

Microbiology - If I could do one thing over and over again for the rest of my life, it would be taking this class. The teacher was awesome and the material was so interesting!! Still toying with the idea of going for med tech instead of nursing...

English Lit & Comp - boring! Literature is not my thing.

Coming up:

Fall 2010 - Chem

Spring 2011 - Computer Applications & elective (thinking Spanish 101 as it will also count toward my eventual BSN)

Fall 2011 - A&P1

Spring 2012 - A&P 2

Cant wait to finish this up and switch rolls with my husband... I'll be the breadwinner and he'll be the stay at home dad!!

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Cell Biology - hybrid course, mixing up basic chemistry, cell structure and function, genetics. Very interesting. Wondered why I avoided science the first time I went to college.

A&P I, II and III, Some memorizing but the instructors also pushed the critical thinking skills. They know that someday we will be the nurses taking care of them in the hospital - we better know what to do to keep them alive.

General Psych - not the most interesting class

Developmental Psych - lots of applications for those of us with kids or are getting old.

Microbiology - tests were a bear but the labs were fun and the write-ups pretty easy once I got the hang of it.

Nutrition - I so wish this class had some pre-requisites. What should have been an interesting class was dumbed down a little for the people who had not had math or science classes. I kept the book because I think this is an important subject for nurses and anyone interested in staying healthy.

Other classes needed for points included, History of Medicine, PE, global something or another (got points from a class taken 25 years ago), technical writing. Had to have research writing and a critical thinking reading class to graduate.

4.0 in the pre-reqs. 3.94 overall - research writing was not my forte.

Wow you guys had a lot of prereqs!

I only had to take:

A&P I and II: Hard, and a lot of work...liked A&P II much better -- had a better professor and thought that the material was easier.

Eng 102 (critical writing): Had a great professor, and English has always been easy for me, so no complaints except that I had to take a 3 hour exam at the end.

Psych 101: Super easy, great professor, not very interesting.

Soc 101: Interesting, great professor, super easy.

Along with those classes, I took other core (gened) classes...

Eng 200 (Perspectives on Literature)

Rel 200 (Religious Perspectives)

Phl 101 (Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought)

Hst 103&104 (World Civilization)

Avs 101 (Freshman advisement seminar)

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My first goal was an AA so I have lots of not-so-nursing classes. Almost all of them apply to the BSN, which is my next goal.

General Psych- Took this 17 + years ago- I remember it being challenging but fun.

Critical Thinking- This was another one I took 17+ years ago. We analyzed psych studies. It was fun!

Pre-Algebra, Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra- I hate math- these were all remedial and I didn't care for any of them.

College Algebra- Bombed it! I couldn't wrap my head around it from day 1.

History 1 & 2- Loved them both.

Government 1 & 2- Easy enough- can't say I loved them or hated them.

Philosophy- I really liked this class.

Intro to Motion Pictures- So much fun!!! :)

BIO 1 & 2- Bio one was HARD! I loved it though. Bio 2 I had the best teacher in the world. I wish she taught everything!!

Geology- Loved the rocks, hated the teacher!

Comp 1 & 2- Comp 1 was simple, an easy A. Comp 2 was pure and utter torture. If I never read Faulkner again, it will be too soon. The instructor was 100 years old and thought everyone was cheating. TERRIBLE!

Camping- A PE credit.. we went on two weekend long camping trips. SOOO FUN!

Bowling- My other PE credit.. I left bowling as bad as I began.. but it was fun.

Sociology- Easy A!

College Math for Liberal Arts- Finally, a math class that makes sense and has real world applications! I actually enjoyed this class and had a terrific teacher.

First Aid- Took it for an elective. A fun and easy A!

Computer Apps- If I had known I could have tested out of this, I would have. A easy and boring A.

Interpersonal Communications- I took this online (I know- lol)- learned absolutely nothing but it satisfied my speech requirement.

I think that about covers it.. My current classes are:

A&P 1, Nutrition, Lifespan and Stats! So far, strangely enough.. I'm liking Stats.. the MATH class. lol

yeah a lot of the classes I took I didnt have to. The only pre reqs I had to take were bio, micro, a&p1,2, english1,2, psych1, child psych, social ethics, computer, orientation, and med term. everything else was for S&Gs. Im just going for an AAS

I forgot about Logic, that was a hard class. LIke math with words lol

Has anyone taken Latin? I wish they offered that instead of medical terminology.

yeah a lot of the classes I took I didnt have to. The only pre reqs I had to take were bio, micro, a&p1,2, english1,2, psych1, child psych, social ethics, computer, orientation, and med term. everything else was for S&Gs. Im just going for an AAS

I forgot about Logic, that was a hard class. LIke math with words lol

Has anyone taken Latin? I wish they offered that instead of medical terminology.

That's still a lot!...twice as many as me!

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I took:

English Comp 1 and 2

A & P 1 and 2



Organic Chemistry






Communication for healthcare


Medical Ethics


Political Science


Developmental Pysch.


Humanities the meduim and the message


Nutritional Therapy and disease


Computer Science

hmmmm I think thats it... My favorites classes were A and P and pathophysiology because I find our bodies and how they work very interesting and statistics because it made me feel smart because for whatever reason it came very easy to me :)

haha bowling and karate...I was gonna take yoga this semester but I didnt feel like spending the money (It required joining another gym)

My sociology class the class before us was a bowling class and the teacher would make fun of whatever was left on the board before erasing it.

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