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I'm just curious what most of you are aiming for. Is it a diploma, associate's, bachelor's, master's, phd? I'm applying to diploma and associate's programs first because I want to be able to work... Read More

  1. by   libnat
    Quote from nocheapones
    What are the army/navy programs like? How do you get in and what are your obligations afterwards?
    You can either do ROTC, which is a military science class each semester in which you contract(agree to go into the army upon graduation) your junior year or earlier if you go in on scholarship. It's more than the 3 hours worth of things to do, you have labs where you do drills, repelling, pt in the mornings, and you will go to the range to shoot an M16 several times if you stay in.

    Nurse candidate, they just give you money, no class or training, and you promise to commision upon graduation and passing the nclex.
  2. by   dreamon
    I'm short term aim is to get into a nursing program, either diploma or Associates. After I get my RN license I would like to get my bsn. Hopefully not too long after because I am still interested in joining the Air Force or Army nurse corps.

    After that, I don't know yet. I considered becoming an NP, but that is still in the air. I don't think I'd want to have to get a doctorate degree. Maybe even CRNA school, (after I shadow some of them to be sure I am interested in that) but that is so intense I won't even attempt it until my babies are out of the nest.

    Another possibility is being a nurse on a movie set- I would love to do that! lol
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  3. by   futureflrn
    Right now I'm working on my prerequisites for an ADN program. Once I get my RN and get settled in a job I plan on working towards a BSN. My dream is to become a NICU nurse-I have considered eventually working towards becoming a NNP but I'm not sure about that yet, I'll have to see where my heart leads me. Regardless, I want to atleast obtain a BSN and be working in a NICU somewhere.:redpinkhe

    I hope we all achieve our goals!!
  4. by   chloejean104
    I start this fall an will be entering a BSN program. Right now my goal is to get my BSN and to possibly work in OB for a little while and then maybe to go on to get my MSN to be an NP in the NICU. This may change during school, but that's it for right now.
  5. by   Coriander
    My "right now" goal is to get into nursing school ... and earn my BSN. Then I would like to someday earn my Master's (thinking NP too).
  6. by   bitter_sweet
    I'm currently taking pre-reqs for my Post Bachelors in Nursing. I start nursing school in January 2010. After I finish that I also want to continue school and become a Nurse Practitioner. (Not sure if I'll need a PhD for Nurse Prac, but I def want a MSN, to go along with my Master's in Public Health.)
  7. by   back2thebooks
    My long term goal at this point is to be a CRNA. I have a prior BS, and am working on my ADN as I speak. After graduation, I'll hopefully be able to secure a position in the ICU (required for CRNA school). Depending on where I apply for CRNA school, I may have to do a bridge to obtain a BSN. I'm hoping that Advanced Practice Nurses won't move to a Doctorate Degree before I do this! Right now, it's a Master's Program. I say all of this realizing that things change and you never know where your path may go!
  8. by   OrthoFNP
    I will be starting an ADN program in August. My ultimate plan is to bridge to BSN and then MSN. I am also thinking NP maybe CRNA. I am not sure as of yet.
  9. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Short term goal- LPN by July 2009
    Long Term goal- RN 2011 ( ADN or BSN... not sure yet.

    In between doing my prereqs for my BSN and etc.
  10. by   GPatty
    Currently in ASN program and will graduate in December. Then I plan on doing a BSN program online, then, who knows? I may stop there, yet I may not.
  11. by   chiquitayy
    I got a BA long ago, but never used it. I finished my ADN last May and have been working since. I just applied to a BSN program, hopefully to start this fall and be done quickly, since all my general ed is done. After that, my plan is to go to Frontier and become a CNM, then maybe a WHNP. Not sure about that last bit yet.
  12. by   FairyPrincess06
    my "life plan" before i started college was that i would get into the college i currently attend as it has a very good nursing program for a state school, then come spring semester of my senior year i would get my mentorship(preceptorship) placement at children’s in boston, and everything would go just like that. well a year until mentorship and we are starting proposals soon. this all got me thinking about my "life plan" and i still have a huge desire to be placed in a pediatric setting but there are limited placements available at the hospital i want to be placed at. so i put down i want to still try for my chance at my first plan but just getting into pediatrics would be awesome as a lot of students want to specialize in that area of nursing for mentorship. oh and on top of mentorship to graduate with a bsn in the spring of 2010.
  13. by   b1017thompson
    I have just recently completed my interview for the nursing program that starts at my school Fall 2009. I hope to get my ADN and graduate after Spring quarter 2011. I want to get a job in our local hospital's ER. After getting some experience, I'd be interested in trying Forensic, Psychiatric, or Hospice Nursing. I may find other areas that I am interested in, depending on what I am exposed to in the ER.
    I am already 40 and not really interested in management or the like, so I may stick with my ADN. But who really knows what will happen? I thought that I'd love teaching middle school and do that until retirement, but here I am in an entirely different field! People grow and change and life can throw curve balls...
    Best wishes in all your dreams coming true!!