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  1. OrthoFNP

    A Morning in the Life of a Nurse and a Doctor

    I work taking care of my boyfriend's post op patients. He's an orthopedic surgeon and we live together. Before we started dating he was hell on wheels. I've heard horror stories! Nurses used to run when he came on the floor. He had awful nicknames the whole nine yards! Now, he is one of the most loved! I've also heard through the grapevine management has said they are thankful I came along and calmed him down! hahaha!!! Doctors can benefit from a change of perspective!
  2. OrthoFNP

    A Morning in the Life of a Nurse and a Doctor

    I CAN relate! I am a nurse and my boyfriend is a doctor. We live together and we often have THE same conversation! LOL! Very well written...
  3. OrthoFNP

    Holmes ADN acceptance letters for Fall 2011

    Congrats ya'll!!!! I just graduated from the program Thursday! We started with 60 and graduated 37. STUDY!!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!! For those of you "nontraditional" worried about being "nontraditional" DON'T! A lot of us were nontraditional. I must say though, I have a previous bachelor's and this was far harder than anything I have done so far. It takes major dedication and determination. It is a huge sacrifice and you will question WHY you chose this path A LOT over the next two years!!!!!! I know I did...Stick with it and you will be glad that you did. It is a very had journey, but you can do it!!! I remember waiting...I see they still make you wait it out and are behind Hinds getting letters out. So, you have to decide between the two. Some things never change I guess. GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!!! You have amazing instructors and will be so glad you chose Holmes!!!!
  4. OrthoFNP

    Mayo Clinic Reality

    I have been a patient at Mayo Clinic and so have seen it from the other side so to speak. My mom and I had surgery there in 2008. I donated my kidney to her. We are from Mississippi but traveled there to have surgery because of Mayo Clinic's amazing reputation for excellence. I just graduated from nursing school Thursday. After being a patient there and seeing how patients are treated first hand, it is a dream of mine to work there. It is an absolutely amazing place!
  5. Haahahhahahahahahhaaaaa!!!!!! If I could only tell you how VERY many times I have had this EXACT argument with friends and guys I was dating!!!!!! I have in fact made people google nursing school work load and nursing school+depression just to make them understand! I get sooooo mad when someone tries to convince me that all I need to do is study for the test in med surg the night before for like "an hour." OH MY GOODNESS!!!! They have no clue. If I did that I would be sure to fail!!!!! An hour really?! Or, "you are so smart, you can do it." or "Why don't you have time for me? I mean come on. Don't you like me?" I yelled at a guy I was dating and told him, "I don't even have time for me!!!!!" He works at my gym and gives me a hard time and calls me lazy for not running this day or that because I have to study and I am like, "Dude! I am not lazy I would rather run 12 miles believe me than study!!" My friends in nursing school and I all just laugh and laugh because no one truly understands. I have a B.A. already and am currently getting my ADN. Let me tell you. It is far harder then my bachelor's could ever have dreamed of being. I decided at the start of nursing school not to date at all because I somehow knew it would be a nightmare. I was correct. Dating has caused me undue stress and turmoil during school. I am 33 and single and never been married. I want a family and children, but decided that just had to wait. Thank God I graduate in May!!!! I guess what I am trying to say here is, "I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!!!!!!!!"
  6. OrthoFNP

    89.90! 1 tenth from an A :(

    You did awesome! Don't sell yourself short! Congrats and celebrate! There are more grades to come!!
  7. OrthoFNP

    Received grades for 1st semester...

    That is the right attitude regarding grades and FB. I wish all FB users had that attitude, but then again, we all have to ba accountable for our own lives, situations and decisions and should be capable of being happy for others. I just feel that it is not nice to hit people while they are down. Good call. People get hurt on FB all day long. The people who can't have babies, the ones who are unemployed, the ones going through divorce, the single, lonely ones, the ones who were not invited to the party pics were posted for. Etc. Etc. Etc. Good for you for choosing not to pour salt in the wound. I have been FB bullied before and purposely made to feel left out. It was actually quite funny, obvious and sad esp. since the person doing it is married and has a child. LOL! Anywho. My point is that you may know you are not bragging and just happy for yourself and YOU DANG well should be, but it isn't always taken that way on unfortunately on FB.
  8. OrthoFNP

    Received grades for 1st semester...

    WOW! That is so awesome! You go!!!!!!!! I am very impressed with the people who can do it all!!! I mean, working, kids, family. I would be bald! I am with ya on the FB thing though. I have had good grades all semester and I too pulled out a 4.0. I DID not post it o FB bc I did not want to rub it in either. It is just like everything else on FB. I just don't want to be one of those people. You know the ones, they post pics of their new beemer, their HUGE new house, tell us about their raise, show us their new 5 carat engagement ring etc. etc. etc. I don't ever want to be that person. If you feel the need to tell everybody how great you are, rich you are, loved you are etc. you are usually trying to convince yourself. Plus, it is pretty funny when you have not bragged all semester and people have no idea you did well until final exam day comes and you are not there. They start to whisper, "Did she drop?" "Is she failing and so she gave up?" Nah...SHE HAS AN A AND WAS EXEMPT FROM THE FINAL! My philosophy is this...make um wonder. It is way more exciting. Plus, some people are not capable of being happy for others. I chose not to get those guys all riled up bc where there is jealousy, there is revenge and sabotage. Nursing school is so competitive and human nature causes curiosity so even if you only tell a select few your grades by the end of the semester, the whole class knows. I have actually been commended for NOT posting my grades. I am also friends with an instructor on FB. I feel in this scenario posting grades would be in poor form. So, even though I want to shout it from the roof tops. I don't. Well, not to everyone. Just you guys! There is absolutely a time and a place. You know who you can tell and who you can't!
  9. OrthoFNP

    Has anyone ever felt this way?

    I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY! I read this and thought hmmm...did I write that? LOL! It is so normal. I was elated when I was accepted into Nursing school. Then first semester hit and I was scared to death. I have been watching my entire life go by around me. Then I woke up one day and realized this is NOT permanent! This too shall pass. We just have to deal until it is all over with. We can not let stress get the best of us. This is hard to do at times. The Christmas break has really lifted my spirits. Hang in there.
  10. OrthoFNP

    ASN vs. BSN

    I received a BA in corporate communication and every job I have had since graduation did not even require a bachelor's. I was a flight attendant and an outside sales rep in telecom. I do not see my college degree as a waste as it helped to make me a more competitive candidate. This is also true when applying to nursing school. Some ADN programs, the one I am enrolled in for example, give extra points to those with a previous degree which helps to make you a more competitive candidate. There is nothing wrong with extra education. It is never a waste. Look at it as an investment in you and your skill set and base of knowledge. I have been amazed at the similarities. For example, my Media law class from college was helpful in Fundamentals when we studied the legal implications of nursing practice and my Interpersonal Communication class was represented when we touched on therapeutic communication. I could go on and on. Even being a flight attendant helped me to grasp Fundamentals as we were required to be certified in CPR every year and were instructed each year on the use of the AED. We were also required to participate in a cultural awareness seminars. We were taught in training how to treat passengers in shock, passengers having a heart attack (even have nitroglycerine tablets on board), passengers requiring oxygen, passengers suffering from hypoxia, passengers having a baby. etc. The first time I was introduced to ventricular fibrilation was in flight attendant training. My point is this, do not consider a degree or a career in another area wasteful, no matter how unrelated it may seem. Trust me there is some pearl of wisdom there from which to draw. As far as ADN Vs. BSN, I am in an ADN program and know a CRNA who started out in an ADN program. She passed her boards this summer! Any path you chose can lead you where you need to be. It may take a little creative thinking, but it can be done. My rationale is this, I am in an ADN program because the community college awarded me a full academic scholarship due to past ACT score. So, all I pay for is books, insurance and matriculation fee each semester. Meanwhile, due to only having a 3.3 overall (corporate com) with a 4.0 in pre reqs (all science courses) I was chosen as an alternate for the Accelerated BSN program. So, one program wouldn't give me a shot and the other gave me a full academic scholarship. One man's trash is another man's treasure I suppose. Oh, and I have a 4.0 in nursing school so far. Hmmm...It worked out great for me. I saved at least $12,000. By the time I apply to the BSN program my GPA will be even higher and even more so when I apply to the MSN programs. (If I keep up the momentum...) I am glad I was forced not to bite off more than I could chew with accelerated. My goal is not to just get through a program. My goal is to make good grades and to become even more competitive. The best way to do this is slowly IMO. So, instead of being punished for the rest of my academic career for making B's in classes that have NOTHING to do with nursing like Accounting for non-majors, I will hopefully be able to prove I can excell in science classes. As I have done my entire academic careeer. (Never so much as ever made a B in any Science course!) So...sorry so long winded. In closing, I think that each and every person has to chose his or her own path. You have to examine all your options, and determine what is the most important. If time is on your side do it slowly and cheaply, if not and you can obtain grants go for it! For some getting a BSN right away is in fact the best option. For some Accelerated BSN's are the way to go. For others the ADN is smarter. Once you look at all your options, it will become clear. Do not listen when someone says you can't go from an ADN to an MSN or a CRNA because yes, in fact you can people do it every day.
  11. OrthoFNP

    Rituals before and after taking an exam...

    I always wear the same blue scrub pants to take an exam in. Has worked so far.
  12. OrthoFNP

    How do I read a nursing textbook?

    You will know after the first test. In my Fundamentals class there was no way to take notes. My instructors went through material so fast. Once you started writing one fact down, you lost the next fact. It was a nightmare and the outlines were very bare bones. So, we had to focus BIG time on reading the text book. My instructors were big on asking specific questions details that were hidden deep within the text that you would not be able to answer correctly unless you had read and reread. I can actually say that I read all 41 chapters 3 times before taking the final exam! I would read the chapter the first time before the lecture. Then I would read the chater again and make my own notes before the test (very time consuming). Then I would study the notes I made and re-read the chapters once again for the final/ATI. I came out well in the class so, I guess my method worked. If you have instructors who are willing to actually guide you on what may be on the exams, you are lucky. That is wonderful, but just know that is not always the case.
  13. OrthoFNP

    End of the semester laziness

    I was able to keep up my stride. I have no idea how! I did well enough on the ATI to be exempt from my cumulative final and ended up with a 4.0! God is good. Now I am off for quite some time as well. Class starts Jan.6th!
  14. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. OrthoFNP

    ATI at the end of each semester...

    HA! It seems like an eternity!