What Should I Do?

  1. Hi everyone! I only have 3 classes left to take for my pre-reqs. Those classes are A&P II, Statistics and Microbiology. Should I take A&P II along with Statistics and then Microbiology over the summer? Has anyone ever been in this predicament before and if so, how did you make out?
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  3. by   Lhalty
    I am taking micro, a&p II, psychology, and nurse aide. It’s doable if you study everyday. I took stats online and a&p I last summer and it was an easy class
  4. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    I'd do Micro and A&P II, then stats over the summer. Micro isn't a class I'd recommend shortening.
  5. by   lecole01
    Thank you so much!
  6. by   lecole01
    Thanks for replying.
  7. by   Nightmaren
    Yup, all three are certainly doable, but if you really want to take a maximum of two at once, take statistics over the summer. Also, if your A&P class is anything like mine, you may well see some crossover between some of the microscopic content.
  8. by   Ruby Vee
    Before you sign up for classes, make sure that the class you need to take over the summer is indeed offered over the summer. Don't ask me how I know this.
  9. by   Apple-Core
    It depends on when the cut-off point is for applying, and how well you personally can handle a heavy workload.

    I had a similar situation and ended up taking 4 classes at once. It was a nightmare, but I was determined to meet the deadline to apply. I took Chemistry, Chemistry lab, microbiology, and pathophysiology.
  10. by   NEMurse95
    I would suggest taking Micro/A&P over the summer if they are offered concurrently. If not, at least take Micro over the summer. Depends how strong you are with math when it comes to stats. I thought it was easy, but it also depends on your instructor.
  11. by   MiladyMalarkey
    I would not do that course load of summer, but that's me & I know something would suffer if I had tried that because I know myself. Not everyone is that way, what one person can handle, others can't, you may be able to handle it, but, be honest with yourself about your abilities to take on a heavy course load like that. Good luck.
  12. by   chacha82
    I took Micro by itself. It was very demanding but I did well. It just depends what else you have going on. I was working and took it at night with lab twice a week (I think). I also took A & P I & II by themselves, but I was working full-time when I did that. Stats I took with other classes but I think they were pretty easy classes so I could concentrate on the stats.
  13. by   Glycerine82
    Micro was the easiest of those 3 classes for me. It really depends on you and what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you struggle with Math I would actually tell you not to take either of those classes with statistics, but then they usually can't be taken at the same time, either.
  14. by   KiwiKatt
    I took anatomy with micro and it wasn't too difficult but it was very time consuming. You have A LOT of studying to do. I had to take 6 hours for each class to study and it was hard to balance at times. I don't recommend taking micro over the summer, I think stats would be better for the summer than micro.