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Nightmaren is a BSN, RN and specializes in Surgical Critical Care.

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  1. Applications recently closed so I thought I'd make a topic for everyone to pool their thoughts and share what they hear! It took a lot of prodding on my part to make sure they counted all of my prereqs. Thus begins the waiting game... nice to meet y...
  2. Nightmaren

    Considering going back to telly

    Hello friend, Unfortunately, some units have more toxic cultures than others and it's not really a reflection of the specialty of the unit. From what you describe, the fact that even the assistant manager is contributing to this toxicity means that t...
  3. Nightmaren

    Taking CRNA school Pre-Req's during Nursing School?

    I would say go for it but also be careful -- some programs require that such prereqs be taken within the last 3-5 years (depending on the program). If there is a setback in your timeline for any reason, you may find yourself having to retake the cour...
  4. Nightmaren

    Endocrine System

    Thew endocrine system is all about balance! Certain glands increase certain hormones and certain glands decrease certain hormones. Knowing which glad increases/decreases what hormone helps immensely!
  5. Nightmaren

    My NCLEX Experience: Preparations, Study Tips, and Acing the Exam

    Yup. I agree -- get a comprehensive review, but don't spend too much time on it. I promise that you know more than you feel you do. After that, practice, practice, practice. As JulesOb pointed out, UWorld is a great resource for that.
  6. Nightmaren

    health assessment

    If you happen to have the Saunder's NCLEX-RN book (an excellent resource even for HESIs), there is a chapter dedicated to Health Assessment. A lot of it boils down to, well... assessing. What tools do nurses use to make assessments? What is a normal ...
  7. Do not lose hope, friend. A classmate of mine failed in 75 questions -- they were so sure that they passed but the results suggested the opposite -- that they had misunderstood most of the questions on the test. Failing in 90-100 questions tells me t...
  8. Nightmaren

    Pharm problem help? please

    Also, (and I'm not trying to be facetious here), try to reason through it based on how much you have vs how much you want instead of trying to fuss about plugging in your numbers into a formula properly. If you have smaller-dosed tablets and the ord...
  9. I know quite a few nurses who started off in mental health and then ended up transitioning to ICU or L&D at other hospitals. They were really quite grateful to have started in mental health because a large part of mental health is therapeutic com...
  10. Nightmaren

    Advice on getting accepted into a RN program

    Apply broadly since your stats are kind of on the fence. At some schools, they may be fine, at other schools they will not be very competitive. Explore the schools' TEAS retake policy and look into programs who use the HESI-A2 as the entry exam -- wh...
  11. Nightmaren

    I just failed an exam. need motivation?

    So basically, from what you have written so far, it's not the end of the world yet. You aren't failing the class or fighting an uphill battle. All you got was a setback -- that's fine! You'll get tons of em when working shifts as a nurse. Do you see...
  12. Nightmaren

    Quality control storyboard

    The best person to seek clarification from would be your instructor. Typically, a storyboard can be thought of a rough comic that's used to plan out stories or motion pictures.
  13. Hi there! First off, definitely double check on your AACN profile that you have elected to receive print copies of those journals. In my experience, yes, both AJCC and Critical Care nurse tend to ship out near the end of the month. You are correct t...
  14. Nightmaren

    New Grad Nurse

    Due to the nature of clinicals, experiences vary a lot! As I was orienting to my job, my preceptor told me that she only had a chance to start "a couple" IVs in nursing school. Both of us agreed that, while we got to see some things in clinicals, mos...
  15. Nightmaren

    New RN looking to quit floor nursing?!

    The job cycles have been quite treacherous in my area and many of my friends found themselves in the same boat. A lot of new nthem were bound for ICU or ER at any cost and then ended up taking floor nursing positions for fear of being left without a ...