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Lhalty's Latest Activity

  1. Lhalty

    Current Nursing Student - Just Got DUI

  2. Lhalty

    Two DUIs first time Ohio licensure- sober several years

    when was your first one
  3. How old is your DUI?
  4. Lhalty

    PA or CT with 2 misdemeanors

    please keep us updated with your case Thanks and good luck
  5. Lhalty

    NCLEX and licensing with 2 OLD DUI's

    Keep us updated and wish you good luck. Stay posotive
  6. California BRN asks for ALL convictions including misdemeanors even if they were dismissed or expunged or a diversion program has been http://www.rn.ca.gov/pdfs/applicants/instruct_exam.pdf
  7. Lhalty

    December 2017 OUI, Plea or go to trial?

    If the breathlyzer results will be thrown out, I would go to court. But you didn't clarify why the breathlyzer will be out the game
  8. Lhalty

    ATI test!

    TEAS Prep | Prepare for your Nursing Entrance Exam | ATI
  9. Lhalty

    Dose BON check school records ?

    If the BON won't, the Hospitals or future employer will run background check
  10. Lhalty

    Low GPA nursing programs

  11. Lhalty

    Low stats want to get into absn program

    Bellarmine University in Ky. They take anyone but very high rate of students switching to two year program instead of the one year.
  12. Lhalty

    Licensure with a criminal history?

    Yes it does. The question is on the application itself
  13. Lhalty

    Licensure with a criminal history?

    The application for licensure by examination will ask you ( have you ever been convicted.....) the answer to your questions are on the application for license. http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/PDFS/Forms/Samples/NursingLicenseByExaminationApp.pdf
  14. Lhalty

    Bellarmine 2018

    Did I apply for any other programs. 85% is very high rate and I highly doubt that 85% is due to petting or working. Something that's sound right about this.
  15. Lhalty

    USPHS/CC vs. Civil Service

    I am not sure you will get dual BAH. Only The highest ranking spouse get the BAH with dependent rate. But you should double check on that.