What kind of app process are you going thru?

  1. Just wondering about application processes out there. I've read where people are accepted and can enter the program after finishing pre-reqs. Is this a typical practice??? I wish I could do it!
    At the CC where I'm doing my pre-reqs, I cannot apply to the nursing program (ADN) until all pre-reqs are met. & there are no waiting lists. You must apply each semester for entrance (they start a new group in sept. & jan). The admissions are done on a point system and there is no interview- it's done strictly by the numbers. pts are awarded for : GPA, science courses, previous degree, LPN license, and scores on NET & COMPASS. I can also earn extra pts by getting my CNA (2pts), & taking medical terminology(2) and pharmacology(2). Since I want to enter in fall 06, I can actually do these extra classes.
    just curious---good luck to all!
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  3. by   ayndim
    Ours is so much easier. We can apply when we are in our last semester of prereqs. It is a lottery system of sorts. When we put in our apps during app week, we are give a random time and date stamp of that week. Then they start pulling them in order of the first date/time stamp. We have a network of 6 (I believe) cc's in the district. And you mark your choices in order. Then, when they get to you app they look at your choices in order of preference and when one cc has availabiltiy you are placed into it. If all of your choices are full, then you app goes on to the next semester with its original time/date stamp. So the batch of apps that doesn't get in the first time are at the top of the waiting list. They don't go by gpa or net score. As long as you get 50% on reading and 50% on math and have at least a C on the prereqs you are eligible to apply.
  4. by   SCmomof3
    At my school there are a couple ways to get on the waiting list. If you have a high enough score on your SAT and/or ACT tests and have previouslytaken Chemistry (high school college prep course or college level) with at least a C, you are eligible to get on the list. If you do not meet that criteria, you must have all of your general education courses completed with at least a 2.5 before you can get on the list. They accept 44 students each fall and it costs $50 to get on the list once you are eligible. I got in on the fast track (the first way) and got on the list a year ago. I will be getting my letter this month *YIPPEE!!!!!* and will start the program this fall. I thank God repeatedly for this. I have no idea how they put me through to be honest. They accepted my SAT scores and Chemistry grade from 1990! The scores were very good though :imbar: so that helped.

    I feel so fortunate that my school does it this way. It would be so nerve wracking to have to apply each semester!!
  5. by   nurse2be2007
    My cc doesnt do it either of those ways. We have to have A&P 1 and 2, Microbiology and psychology 101 completed, a NET composite score of 61 or higher before we can apply. They accept 120 students twice a year in the fall and spring semesters. That is a total of 240 students each year entering the nursing program. There is no waiting list and no points system. They do like to see 3.0 and higher in the pre reqs but if there are spaces left those with gpa's lower than that can and will get in. You just have to have a C or better in the pre req's. I feel very fortunate that my cc does it like this. There are a lot of other cc's around my area that have a 2 year waiting list or longer and I know there is another one that does it based on the point system. I will be starting the nursing program in Spring of 06. I cant wait! Good luck everyone!
  6. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    We have to have the prereqs completed. It actually states to wait until your grades are in for all of them. Then, we apply.

    We have to have A&P 1, English, Pyschology, and College Algebra. It goes by a ranking system. So, the higher the GPA, the better chance you have to get accepted. Currently they are accepting GPA's of 3.77. If more than one person has the same GPA, it goes by the GPA of coreqs, which is A&P 2, Microbiology, Speech, and an upper level elective such as English.

    I have an A in Psych, B in College Algebra, A in speech, and a B in an upper level English. I am currently taking (retaking) English, and will take A&P 1 starting Jan. 18th. I plan to take A&P 2, and Micro in the summer, but hopefully will be accepted before then, although I won't know until, I believe, October!

    (I made a B in English the first time around 13 years ago. To raise my GPA, I am taking it again.)

    Good luck to you all!!!
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  7. by   loriangel14
    We do it totally different in Ontario. First I applied to the course and had to write a college entrance exam. After that I was accepted and then when the course starts we take A&P 1&2, math for pharmacology, psychology etc. The things that you guys take before hand aren't taught here until you are actually accepted to the course. The only requirements for getting into the course were passing the entrance exam and I had to pick up my gr. 12 chem and bio because I didn't take them when I was in high school.I can't imagine taking all those things and then not getting in.

    Happy New Year:hatparty:
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from loriangel14
    We do it totally different in Ontario. First I applied to the course and had to write a college entrance exam. After that I was accepted and then when the course starts we take A&P 1&2, math for pharmacology, psychology etc. The things that you guys take before hand aren't taught here until you are actually accepted to the course. The only requirements for getting into the course were passing the entrance exam and I had to pick up my gr. 12 chem and bio because I didn't take them when I was in high school.I can't imagine taking all those things and then not getting in.

    Happy New Year:hatparty:

    That reminds me..lol We also have to pass the NET with at least a 50% in both parts as well.
  9. by   okie2
    wow! thanks. Ours is hard but, I'm glad they don't go strictly on GPA ranking- my first years in college were rather rough But by the time I apply I will have completed 22 hours. Nutrition, A&P I and II, Micro of Infectious Disease, Pharm, Med Term, & math for health careers. not all of these are required as pre-reqs, but with so many applicants- and only 50 slots each semester---ya gotta do as much as you can to beef up the points. And I have the time to do them.
    One of the local CCs is so competitive that they require all these as pre-reqs and 3 letters of recommendation, plus an interview- jeez!
    Here is the run-down of the basic requirements and preference points for my school:
    GPA minimum 2.50 (yeah right!)
    eng 1113, bio 1314 (A&PI) (but this course has a list of pre-reqs of it's own), nutrition, math for health
    COMPASS score minimum 86

    points: previous degrees AAS/AS = 1
    BS or above = 2
    Science courses (max 3pts) B or better = 1/ class
    Medical Terminology w/B or better = 1
    Overview of Nursing (1 credit hr) = 1
    Pharmacology = 2
    GPA > 3.75 = 3
    3.5-3.75 = 2
    3.0-3.5 = 1
    COMPASS reading >92 =2
    writing >91 = 2
    math >45 = 2

    NET >72 = 3

    LPN = 2
    CNA, CMA, PCA = 1

    The maximum pts would be 24. I'll lose a few on the GPA (hopefully my new classes will help) and I'm not an LPN- but I won't do too badly point wise.
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  10. by   einsteinsboi
    At the 2 nursing schools affiliated with my cc, you don't have to have completed prereqs to apply. You just need to have completed high school and taken the NET. They encourage you to send in your application as early as possible, then they call you for an interview. If you get accepted you have to complete the prereqs within two years and only then can you start your nursing courses. Also you have to maintain a good GPA.
    It would be nerve-wracking if I had to reapply each semester.

    Happy New Year to all of you and all the Best in 2005!!:hatparty::hatparty::hatparty::hatparty:
  11. by   mom2michael
    Our CC requires you to have certain pre-reqs done (Chem, Bio, Psych, English, etc....) before you can apply. You must have a min. of a 2.75 on all coursework and a min. of "C" in each required science course. They then factor in your education experience, work experience, ACT score and references. It is all entered into a computer and you are given a value and the top 36 are up for review.

    Then the staff verifies everything on your application, you have a drug screen done, background done, etc... and then if all goes OK you are selected to start the program. If it's not, they pick another one but it's done in order based on # you ranked. We only have 1 entry each year and that's in Jan.

    They say somewhere around 200 apply each year and about 1/2 are automatically eliminated based on not meeting the required pre-reqs. It's odd how they do it....I've know several people to apply 2 or 3 times before getting accepted. The only wait list is the one generated from that round of applications....once classes start (Jan. 10th) the wait list goes bye bye and you must re-apply the following year.
  12. by   S.N. Visit
    At my C.C, there are 2 points of entry. Day time students can only start in the summer session of each year. Evening students are part time and can only enter their program in odd number years of the winter term for ADN students and even years of the winter term for PN students.

    To be eligible to apply, you must take the COMPASS test, and apply before the NOV 1st deadline.

    Applicants are selected on:

    #1, G.P.A ( ranking the highest of course), but the minimum states you must have at least a 2.5

    #2, Your Compass scores

    #3, your high school & previous college transcripts.

    They select 75% of their applicants for the day time students in Dec (Got mine Dec 15th! :hatparty: ) 15% are selected in March and the last 10% are selected 2 weeks-1 day before the program starts.
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  13. by   okie2
    You know- after reading all these posts, I started searching local CCs and found one that requires only admission to the school in order to apply to nursing---and awards preference points for GPA, COMPASS scores, health care work experience, and support courses completed. They only assess GPA on related classes not overall!
    I didn't find this info before and it took a while this morning to manuver thru the website. I would only have to take A&P I, micro of infectious disease & I'd blow the top off the "point system". BUT I don't have any knowledge as to the quality of the program. I know the program is good where I am now- a lot of students do their Pre-med, pre-dent, and pre-bsn here.
    I'm sure it's still competitive due to the numbers applying, but the selection process and requirements are less strenuous at the other school. AND from what others have shared, I wouldn't think the admission process really reflects the quality of the program. BTW- my current school's NCLEX pass rate is 89% (113 testing) and the other's is 87% (77 testing). I need to visit and talk to students if I can.
    I guess since I'm planning so far ahead- I get all wishy washy about which path I want to walk. Although, the goal remains the same- to become an excellent nurse! I feel confused and uninformed--I can't seem to really make up my mind. So many factors come into play and new info comes along all the time.
    What do you think? Should I apply to more than 1 program? stick with my favorite? EEk help!
  14. by   futurenursingstudent
    i am graduating HIGH SCHOOL in may 2005.at first,i was really confused about the whole application process,but im slowly getting over it.im wondering if ive made the right decisions so far...
    our local cc only requires c in hs chemistry,high school GPA,NET scores,and ACT/SAT for the LPN program. I applied for Fall 2005.My ACT scores were high enough,but after i took the NET i got a letter stating that i had failed the math portion by 1 point and i was encouraged to take remedial classes and wait 6 months to take the net again if i was still interested in their program..decisions are in may and i would have to wait till may to retake the NET (took net in november) so im expecting a rejection letter from the LPN program.math has always been a struggle for me.the minimum scores for this program are the same as all the other LPN programs in TN,so im disqualified by 1 pt!ADN programs here are very competitive with GPA and all and im a B/C student in HS,so ive decided to apply only to the colleges i could see myself at first,take the pre-reqs,and then apply to their nursing program.im considering a few colleges in TN and schools in GA,FL,NC,and VA for ADN or BSN.at least if i dont get into a program until 2006,i will have the required pre-reqs for most programs done.if i dont get into a nursing program,i plan to do a 2yr massage therapy program close to home.ive only applied to 6 colleges so far,and 1 more nursing program.should i apply to more than 6?does anyone have any advice or suggestions for me?