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  1. Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hi all, I am in the first semester of a 4 semester ADN program at Our Lady of Lourdes SON in Camden, NJ. I took 3 semesters to get my pre-reqs done and am now finally in Nursing 1. I love this forum and spend a lot of time in here lurking. Hope to pa...
  2. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    I see what you mean. And then there's those cases where two muscles are contributing to one action, like adduction of the arm is both the pectoralis major and the lattisimus dorsi. But it does help some. And yeah, you're right. It doesn't matter wha...
  3. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    For the lab exam we only need to know the 30. But I think that for the lecture exam we'll need to know more. I'm not sure yet because we haven't started on the Muscular System in lecture, we're still looking at the physiology of the skeletal muscles....
  4. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    :) Good to have a human model... lol. I use myself as a model. So when I read that a particular muscle has a particular action, I do the action and try to see if I can feel the muscle. Most times it works. I have a feeling that not only will i look ...
  5. Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    OMG, these stories are hilarious. Makes me see a whole other side to Nursing. I am still a pre-nursing student wondering how I'll cope, so it's really done my heart good to see that there are light moments to it all. Thanks all.
  6. New and excitted!

    Welcome aboard and all the best!! :)
  7. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    Thanks for the links Fun2Care and BoonersMom! They are awesome and will be really helpful in mastering all the info we need to know. Last I was singing bones, landmarks and joints. Now I'm singing muscles, origins, insertions, and functions. Oy! Good...
  8. Net Test For Admissions?

    Hi SKYSTHELIMIT. It's a simple exam, and its basically English and Basic Math as JKCMom said. There's a study guide you can buy that will give you a very good idea of what to expect and some practice material. Good Luck.
  9. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    CONGRATULATIONS! :Melody: :)
  10. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    We're following Marieb. Our breakdown is A & P I: Chapter 01: The Human Body: An Orientation (DONE) Chapter 02: Chemistry Comes Alive (SELF STUDY - DONE) Chapter 03: Cells: The Living Units (DONE) Chapter 04: Tissue: The Living Fabric...
  11. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    Hey CAG12345, Get well soon. I got a bad viral infection and it knocked me down for the entire week before my lab exam, so I can sympathise. I hope you're well enough to enjoy your scuba diving. Have fun! . I will think of you and all the muscles you...
  12. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    Good luck with that! We started on muscles this week in lab and we have to know origins, insertions and functions for our lab exam which is about three weeks away (one of those weeks is Spring Break therefore not so useful :rotfl: ).
  13. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    Yes, we did start at a really fast pace. We are now on chapter 9. We will go up to chapter 16 for A&P1 and then do the rest in A&P 2. I hadn't thought about people dropping the class ... I guess I'll find out this week since we got our test ...
  14. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    Good start LKG! Congratulations. I scored 59.5 out of 60 in my skeleton lab exam and 99% in my first lecture exam (which covered Marieb chapters 1 to 8). Needless to say I am thrilled. Incidentally, the 0.5 I lost in the lab exam was because I wrote ...
  15. A&P 1: The Spring '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    This was driving me crazy till i figured out a method for myself. I agree with Fun2Care. It's easier when you start by understanding some basics about the bone. What I also did was decide to master one particular view of each bone and all the landma...